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Justin Work Boots Steel Toe

For today’s article, we will be exploring some of the best work boots steel toe from the brand called Justin. Have you heard of this brand before? Well, if you don’t allow me to tell you a little something about them. The brand has been around since 1879, so having been around for more than 130 years, there are a lot of people who have placed their trust and loyalty to this brand. Justin has been known to handcraft western footwear in the U.S. ever since it’s founder H.J. Justin mastered the craft of boot making and then established the brand as a industry-leading western footwear brand. Did you know that the Justin Boots have become an icon in western culture and it is a presence that will always have a mark on the western character until today?

Justin only makes use of the finest leather and high quality materials. Just like the high standards they hold for their boots, they also have high standards for their boot-makers. Of course, the company makes sure that each and everyone of their employees are skilled. It is the pride of the Justin brand when they boast about their superior craftsmanship and the comfort of their products. You can be sure that their boots are durable, comfortable, and authentic western footwear for men, women, and even kids.

Take a quick look at some of their products:

  1. Justin Men’s Original 8″ Lace-Up Work Boot Steel Toe

    The price of this boot ranges from 149.00 US DOLLARS to 205.99 US DOLLARS. For a while now, this boot has been America’s favorite lace up work boots. With this boot, you will be working with style yet remain protected. It has passed the ASTM F2413-05 safety rating. This boot also comes with a electrical hazard protection. If you can see the thick rubber soles of this boot, you can be sure that you will be protected from stepping on anything sharp and may injure you.

    Here is a review about it:

    “I’m a mechanic. My boots lead a rough life. They are subjected to oil, grease, solvents, fuel, water, mud, and dirt. This will be my second pair of Justin 764 boots, and I hope they will be as durable as the first. My first pair is three years old and still going strong, but starting to show some wear. These boots are very comfortable, and they are MADE IN THE USA. You get what you pay for, and Justin boots are worth every penny.” – Carl Day

    This boot is expected to fit at 76%. It’s average star rating is at 4.3 stars out of 5 stars.


    The price of this boot ranges from 146.43 US DOLLARS to 219.99 US DOLLARS. It is an American product to be proud of! It is made from genuine leather and is handcrafted. Look closely at the thick rubber sole. It will not only protect your feet’s soles but it will also help you keep your balance, and grip if you are placed in slippery places. Inside the boot, you will see a Justin Jel removable insole. It really is comfortable to wear this boot for long periods of time. It isn’t heavy and it won’t add any extra bulk to you, although of course, it would be a little bit heavier compared to a boot without a steel toe.

    Many people have claimed that the boot is indeed very comfortable and the tongue padding is very nice.

    Here is a review about it:

    “I have worn these for a year and a half now. The sole just split in half all the way through. I try to find good quality made in USA boots that don’t cost $200 plus. Red wing is beyond that now so I no longer buy them. The leather that is used for these is awesome. Thick and soft after a little wear. My normal size is a 9. Got these in a 9 as well. Did get a little heel slip. Otherwise fine. They are really well built boots except for the sole. I wear a pair of 6″ plain toe around the house and the sole has started to crack on those as well. A different area, but still cracking. If Justin would come up with a better wearing sole they would be great. Another thing I noticed is the fit is not consistent with different styles. With these the toe are and across the ball of my foot is kinda loose. The non steel toe 6″ is a nice snug fit all the way. I tried the new composite toe 8″ and it fits more snugly than these 8″ steel toes do. You would think that boots made by the same manufacture would fit the same way no matter what style. Not the case with Justin. The leather part of the boots has held up well. No part of the leather has worn through. To bad the sole doesn’t wear better. They could be resoled but then you have to find someone to go through that whole process. Not sure its worth it.

    Justin if your listening do something to make the size fit the same on all models you manufacture and get a better wearing sole.” – TIM


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