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Keen Utility Men Milwaukee 6 inch Steel Toe Work Boot Review

Today we are going to be reviewing Keen’s Utility Men Milwaukee 6 Inch Steel Toe Work Boot! Having the correct or appropriate work boot is important. It isn’t only a mandatory part of your working attire but it can also give you protection and comfort as the day continues on. Not all work boots are heavy and uncomfortable, and this boot is one of them. I’m sure you will love it! Let’s check it out!


Here is a photo of it:


As you can see in the photo, the boot is the perfect combination between rubber, textile, and good quality leather. The thick rubber sole of the boot will surely protect your feet from getting injured in cases where you might accidentally step on a sharp material or object. I must mention that the said sole is also slip resistant so you will still be able to maintain your balance and footing even in wet and slippery places.


The boot has also passed as a material that will be able to give you protection against electrical hazards. There are times in your work place – which we don’t want to happen – that accidents happen. There might be an open wire than lands in a puddle of water that you are stepping on. You will need a boot that will be ready to protect you and keep you safe  at all times.


The product dimensions of this boot is at 12 x 8 x 4 inches. The boot weighs 2 pounds.


On the average, the boot has received 257 customer reviews and here are some of them:


“I just received these boots in the mail. I promptly tried them on as I have been wearing blown out boots all week that have holes in them. Not fun in the rain. First, I am impressed on how sturdy they feel. Lots of reviews state that they don’t need a break in period. I somewhat disagree. I certainly think the comfort level will improve in the next few days. They are not uncomfortable at all, just a bit stiff. They are not heavy as others have written. My Asolo hiking boots are just as heavy. They are work boots, that are meant to protect your feet. For the last 20 years I have worn Carolina’s. The last two pair fell apart within a year. Time to change. I really feel that this is my new brand. I actually ordered the soft toe but I am really impressed on how comfortable the steel toe is. It hardly is noticeable and gives me that much more protection, so I ‘ll keep them. Stating earlier that I was a Carolina man, I am not shy about forking over some dough for a quality product. I don’t want to be on the job site miserable just to save fifty bucks. Obviously, I can’t say how they will perform this early. But, out of the box I am very impressed.
Okay, I’ve been wearing these for a week and a half and the inside of my ankles are rubbing raw. The seam that holds the fabric around the heel just rubs away. I am hoping that with a little more breaking in the toe will flex more relieving my heel. I wish that the seam didn’t protrude inside the boot. Other than that they seem good so far. Just need some bandaides or duct tape to place over that seam. It has only been happening while wearing heavy socks.” — dragonfly


“LOVE LOVE LOVE these boots. Never owned Keen in my life, or a pair of steel toes for that matter. Super sturdy, heavy duty killer work boots. I am a heavy equipment diesel mechanic and these things put up with everything I throw at them. Not the lightest boots, certainly not the heaviest either. I was wearing CAT boots before this, zero comparison. I have custom orthotic inserts, even using those with my CATs my feet were throbbing after work, literally, throbbing. My feet haven’t throbbed a bit after switching to these Keen boots. I’m not saying your feet won’t be sore anymore, mine still get sore after an intense day, but they don’t throb anymore. Love these boots, can’t say it enough, bought sight unseen and do not regret it. I bought them based on recommendations of a teacher who swears by Keen shoes. She was right, Keen is the truth, at least for me. Had a few people ask me about these boots while I was wearing them, they are kinda trendy. I love the city of Milwaukee too, cool coincidence. Worth the price.” — Nicholas A.


The average rating that this boot received is at 4.3 stars out of 5 stars. You can purchase this boot for 138.00 US DOLLARS up to 160.00 US DOLLARS. And if you purchase from Amazon, you will be able to avail of their free returns promo. More good news about this boot is that it is included in the sale happening at Amazon that allows you to purchase the boot at the lowest price available on the select options.


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