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Mens Steel Toed Boots

Yesterday we talked about some steel toed boots for women, so today we will be exploring some of the best steel toed work boots for men! No matter what your sex is, you deserve the very best boots in the market to protect and keep your feet comfortable as you work.

At Amazon, you can get these sturdy durable and tough boots for a not so expensive price. Well, it really depends on the brand you will be purchasing, but here are some boots to check out.

  • TIMBERLAND PRO DIRECT ATTACH 6″ STEEL SAFETY TOE WATERPROOF INSULATED BOOTYou can own this boot for only 75.92 US DOLLARS to 150.95 US DOLLARS depending on the price. If you purchase this boot from Amazon, you will be able to get some free returns for this item. And, this product is currently included on a small sale that Amazon is holding which makes this product available on the lowest price available on the select options.

    You can choose between the colors brown, yellow, black, and wheat.

    Here is the brown colored one:

    The material that this boot has been made is from leather. The shaft measures approximately 6 inches from the arch, while the heel of this boot measures approximately 1.75 inches. The steel toe work boot is waterproof and insulated at the same time, which makes it perfect for welders out in the sea and for those who have to keep on working even if the weather doesn’t want to cooperate.

    If you can stop and notice in the photo above, the collar of the boot is padded. The purpose of this is to add comfort while you are wearing the boot. It also comes with a electrical hazard protection.

    The average rating of this boot is currently at 4.3 stars out of 5 stars.

    Here is a customer’s review about it:

    “I am amazed. I have been an avid customer of Timberland apparel for a long time. But these boots far exceed any of my expectations. I recently bought a pair of Carolina logger style boots for work. I work as a hydraulic mechanic in a concrete plant so my boots take alot of beating. As do my feet. The Carolina boots wore down on the sole within 3 weeks of my purchase. I was quite upset. But since I have bought these Pro Series almost no wear on sole, amazingly comfortable. And they came in wide with a steel toe. Absolutely awesome. If you dont own these as a work boot your feet will not ever experience comfort. Im buying a second pair next month just to have when and if these wear out…” – HappyGoLucky

    What do you think of this boot?

  • WOLVERINE MEN’S STEEL TOE RAIDER BOOTYou can own this second boot for only 99.00 US DOLLARS to 163.00 US DOLLARS. Just like the first one, if you purchase from Amazon, you will be able to get some free returns. Sadly, this product isn’t included in the Amazon sale I mentioned above. Unlike the first one as well, this boot is only available in two colors which is brown and black.

    This boot is made from high grade leather and it comes with a thick rubber sole, as you can probably observe in the photo. The shaft measures approximately 6 inches from the arch. The thing that sets this boot different from all the other boots is that has a multi-shock – meaning more than one shock – absorbing compression pads that have been molded in the out sole of the boot. For any moisture problems that you might encounter, this boot has some mesh linings to manage them.

    The average rating that this boot currently has is at 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

    Here is a customer’s review about it:

    “I’m a U.P.S. Delivery driver and I’m constantly going through shoes. I normally buy black walking shoes as it is required that we wear brown or black polishable footwear. I’ve been wearing the walking shoes for about 6 years because when I started the job I tried to wear work boots ,which UPS encourages for safety reasons, but my feet just weren’t having it. I easily wear out the walking shoes in 2 1/2 to 3 months. Walking shoes were always cheaper in price and always comfortable but as I’ve got a little older I have become increasingly more concerned with protecting my feet with a sturdier shoe without sacrificing comfort. I think I have found it in these wolverine raiders. I have a wide foot and was able to order the correct size and width here on Amazon and cheaper than at retail stores I looked it. When I received them they looked great and because of the good reviews I was eager to try them on. Because of my previous problems with work boots hurting my feet and sometimes even giving me blisters I was afraid to take them straight out into the field, as depending on the route we can walk anywhere from 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 miles a day. So for a few days I wore them around the house and to run errands and was pleasantly surprised to find that my feet felt great from the first day. No pain. No blisters. No rubbing. But the true test would be working in them. The first day I wore them to work I took my old shoes just in case the boots would begin to get uncomfortable ,but I never had to use them. These boots worked out great from the first day and I enjoy the added ankle protection and ability to polish them up so they look good as we’ll.”  – Shrekie

    Will you purchase this second boot?


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