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Mens Welding Winter Jacket

As the famous Stark’s saying goes “Winter is coming!”, so men who weld for a living or as a form of a hobby will most likely be needing a warm jacket to keep them warm. Comfort is very important when you are doing something because comfort will be able to add to your ability to concentrate on the task at hand.  I understand that it’s a bit harder to work during the winter times because of the harsh condition, but that is exactly why you will need a jacket to keep you warm. There are many types of winter jackets that men can choose from. You can choose form a general-purpose softshell or what is more commonly known as the fleece jacket. This type of jacket can handle mildly cold weather. The other types: The insulated jacket and what they call as the three in one jacket can handle colder and harsher conditions.


Let us first discuss the insulated jacket. If you feel easily cold or you have a low tolerance to cold weather, this is the jacket that you should go for. You can check if how heavy the insulation of the jacket you are going to buy is, because this usually means that it’s warmer. For an added protection, you can further cover up with a wind proof and waterproof jacket. An important thing to remember when buying would be to make sure that the jacket isn’t flammable, because this could cause problems for you. Welding usually involves the use of heat or fire, and electricity so it’s best to be careful. Some materials used are either synthetic or natural, however the ones which are made from natural materials are more expensive than the other one.


Next, non-insulated jackets are usually composed of the fleece jacket, softshell jacket, and the shell jacket. We’ve often heard or used fleece jacket. They are made from loose knit synthetic fibers and they will be able to offer the warmth you need based on your weight. That’s what makes them comfortable. The jacket will usually adjust to you. Despite this, you can only use the fleece jacket in mild conditions. They can’t stand colder conditions. Softshell jackets have been made form stretch woven materials, which usually results to them being lightweight and comfortable to wear. This is great if you want layers of clothing, but I’d discourage you putting on too many layers as this could get in the way of your welding. I think it would be a much better choice to choose one super thick jacket than to use a light material jacket and put on lots of layers. The shell layers are only single layered so they aren’t really that recommended. They can simply serve as a basic protection for wind and moisture.


The three-in-one jacket includes an insulated liner – which means it is able to provide a warmer coat. It is also water resistant. It’s a great tool against cold. It has two layers which you can zip together as one or unzip so you can use them separately. It is because of this that this type of jacket is considered to be versatile.


Men welders, whatever your choice for you winter jacket may be, I hope that you choose the best one that you are comfortable in and that it suits your work conditions. Nothing is better than being able to work in comfort. Which of the three types of jacket appealed most to you? We would love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below.