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Today, we are going to be adding to the list of MIG TIPS for you to keep in mind! Welding is a brilliant craft, but it isn’t something that you just learn overnight. You will need to invest time, dedication, and perseverance if you want to excel in the craft. Welding is a great business. You will be able to make different kinds of things and be sought out by different companies to make things for them. Most companies pay a lot to a great welder.




Learning about some more welding tips doesn’t mean that you aren’t already a competent welder, but you know, there’s always room for improvement. Plus, who knows! You might be able to work a lot more easier if you keep the following tips in mind.

MIG is the process of making use of electricity to melt and join two or more pieces of metals together. Did you know that sometimes MIG is being referred to as “hot glue gun” when it comes to welding? Despite the rumors,  MIG is the easiest type of welding to learn.

  • MIG will be able to help you join a wide range of metals that are of different thickness.
  • You will be able to make a good weld bead with MIG welding, just make sure that the distance between your metal and electrode is just right.
  • MIG creates minimal splatter.
  • If there comes an instance that your wire feed jams up for reasons you don’t know, be sure to check out the inside of the welder. I am referring to the spool of wire and the series of rollers in side.
  • If you are using a shielding gas for your MIG welding, you should use a tank that’s 100 percent Argon or a combination between Argon and Carbon Dioxide. The purpose of this gas would be to shield the weld as it forms. Check out the gauges. It should be between 0 to 2500 PSI, and the regulator should be set at 15 to 25 PSI. But the regulator also depends on what type of weld you are using.
  • Make sure that before you weld, all your safety gear or what they call the Personal Protective Equipement (PPE) is complete. They are really helpful. Welding involves a lot of risks in your health and safety.


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