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MIG Welding Tips and Tricks

We are back for some more MIG Welding Tips and Tricks! Just like the previous articles, reading this doesn’t mean that you are incompetent. There is always room for improvement, and you could be greater than you are now! First things first, before welding please make sure everything is okay. I am talking about:

  • Personal Protective Equipement (PPE). Please check if there are damages or if everything is working properly.
  • Metal you will be welding. Is it properly cleaned? Are there rusts? Take time to clean it up first before you begin. It could greatly affect the quality of your weld.
  • Welding are. Do you have everything you need within your reach? Check the gas pipes, circuits, and tubes for any leaks or short circuits.

The three I mentioned may not be much, but as you go and do your weld, you will find that it is easier if everything is in place and working. It is now time to grab you notebook and pen, as we go on to the MIG tips and tricks!


  1. For novices: It would help you a lot if you take time to practice running a bead before you actually weld two pieces of metal together. How will you be able to do this? Find a spare piece of scrap metal and make a straight line on the surface. Repeat for a couple of times until you are satisfied and you feel that you can already do it properly. Practice really does make perfect! By doing this, not only will you be able to practice to steady your hands, but you will also be able to figure out what wire speed and power settings you prefer. There is no pre-set settings for you since every welder is different, so you have to take time and figure this on your own.Remember though that too little power will give you a messy splattered weld. This is certainly not something you’d want to happen. However, too much power will melt through the metal entirely, which is also something that you don’t want to happen.

  2. Process of laying beads is not difficult to learn. Just imagine that you are trying to make a small zigzag using the tip of your welder, or you can also imagine concentric circles moving your way from the top of the weld downward.

  3. If your weld is forming in spurts your wire speed or power settings are too low. This could be because the gun is feeding a bunch of wire out of the tip.

  4. Keep watch for welds that look nice and smooth, this means that you are doing it right.

  5. Continuous sparking is good.


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