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Most Comfortable Steel Toe Boot

There are lots of steel toe work boot in the market, but today we are going to pick out the most comfortable steel toe boot from them all. Amazon is a great place to start. If you are lucky, there are some shoes that are included in a sale or one that comes with free returns. Let’s take a quick look at some of them!

  • Timberland PRO Men’s Internal Met Guard Work BootThis boot  means double protection with it’s steel toe protection plus an additional metatarsal guard for impact protection. No longer do you have to fear hurting your feet during work hours when you have this boot on. It has been made from genuine high quality leather and it comes with a thick rubber sole. The said rubber sole will also help you keep your balance, footing, and grip when you have to work at slippery wet places.

    Here is a photo of the boot:

    This boot is being sold at 107.17 US DOLLARS up to 183.62 US DOLLARS. As I said above, there are some boots that have free returns for some sizes and colors and this is one of those boots. Oh before I forget, aside from having a steel toe and a metatarsal protection, this boot also has a heel protection so that’s actually triple protection for you. Not just two!

    Here is a review about it:

    “I work in a Steel Mill and around extreme heat for 8-12hrs a day. My first set of boots made it a year before the seems started to split (minor stitching problem – Timberland replaced that pair at no cost). These boots are really comfortable from day 1 and the sole of the boots seem as if they will wear forever. The original set of boot laces lasted 10 1/2 months so I replaced them with leather laces and they lasted 1 month (wish I could find the original set for sale somewhere). To make a long story short – If you are looking for a boot to keep your feet protected, be comfortable from day 1, run true to size, withstand abuse from your job and be reasonably priced then you have found your boot.” – MRD8889

    This boot has proven itself to be a great partner for a whole day of work. The average rating that his boot has received is currently at 4.2 stars out of 5 stars.

  • Rocky Men’s Iron Clad Pull-On Steel Work BootIf you are looking for a lengthier protection, you may want to check this boot out! The boot is made from high quality leather that has been imported to the USA. It also comes with a thick sturdy rubber sole, which you can observe in the photo below.

    Despite being made from leather, this boot has been ensured to remain breathable but waterproof at the same time. It also comes with a thermoplastic polyurethane shank. It’s so easy to use this boot since it’s just a pull one. Oh, by the way, to maintain it’s waterproof feature, you will need to spray on silicone once in a while. You can be sure that this boot will remain comfortable for you all-day long. You can have maximum support and an extended durability that you won’t find in any other boot.

    Here is a review about it:

    “Boots are fine except that its a typical pair. The left boot fits fine with a little wiggle room but the right boot fits a little too tight from heel to toe. Also the top of the boot is tight as they dont quite easily slide on. So far they hold up to rain and walking through puddles and mud. Very Comfortable also from the sole support. I would give a 5 star rating but the boots are not quite even in size.” – Eric

    The average rating that this boot has received is at 4 stars out of 5 stars.

  • Dr. Marten’s Men’s Ironbridge MG ST Steel Toe Met Guard BootJust like the first boot, you will also be offered double protection with this boot because of the steel toe guard and the metatarsal guard at the same time. It comes with a thick man-made sole. Here is a photo of it:

    The boot has been made water-resistant full-grain leather that comes with a ballistic mesh with a padded collar for that added comfort. You won’t feel very tired with this boot on your feet all day long. The boot has been made to be slip resistant when it comes to oil, fat, petrol, and alkali with a standard wood shank.

    Here is a review about it:

    “I bought this because I am a welder. I use these shoes because I am not allowed on jobsite unless wearing proper protection according to OSHA and rules. Lately I dropped a T-Joint molten piece of steel and it was covered in slag onto my foot but i was wear this shoes at the time. There was no pain. no injury

    When using GMAW often sticks are part-used and lie on the ground. I step on the sticks and melting sole of shoe. Sole does not withstanding this so I remove a star. When use MIG a hot wire was stuck in ground and was very hot, and I stepped on the wire. The wire went into sole, with such low resistance. When chip slag the slag was hot and melted to lace. So after 2 weeks daily using these shoes on bottom have much burns and melts. The leather will be ok because I must wear spats and I use shoe polish.” – Lewis

    The average rating that this boot received is currently at 4.4 stars out of 5 stars.



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