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Pigskin Welding Jacket

If you are looking for some pigskin welding jackets, then I have a couple of suggestions for you here. You might like them or you may not, but you should definitely check them out.


  • Revco Black Stallion 30 PWC 30″ DuraLite Premium Pigskin Welding Jacket

    Here is an image of the jacket:

    There’s only one left in stock so if you are interested in this jacket, you better add it to your cart.  Tan is the color of this jacket. It has been made from premium pigskin leather so it won’t easily catch fire. There is a curduroy lined collar for a bit of style and satin-lined inside shoulders so you will be comfortable. There is also an inside pocket and a scribe pocket that are both Kevlar stitched.

    This jacket has been given a rating of 5 stars out of 5 stars! Perfect! But there wasn’t any written review about it. You could be the first one!

  • REVCO ANGELFIRE BW9C/PS Women’s Hybrid FR Cotton/Pigskin Welding Jacket

    The original price of this jacket was at 106.30 US DOLLARS, but now you can purchase it at Amazon for 70.36 US DOLLARS, but you will have to add 7.85 US DOLLARS for the shipping since it isn’t free.

    There’s only 4 left of this so if you want this, you better hurry and add it to your cart also.

    Here is an image of the jacket:

    Because it has been made from pigskin leather, it won’t easily catch fire. It isn’t only men who need protection but women too. Plus, the jacket looks stylish.

    Here is a customer’s review about it:

    “I’ve used this jacket for about a year now, from TIG to SMAW, this jacket stands up to the heat but is also lightweight enough to not be miserable in the summer heat. I’ve never had issues with the sparks burning though the sleeves. I tailored the fit a little by cinching the waist some more. I am a 5’2” and smallish size medium, so I ordered a small. It fits well in the shoulders and arms, which is the most important, but the waist was initially too large. I would suggest finding the sizing chart at the BSX website, and going from there. There are some structural issues as far as seams and snaps go. Don’t iron this jacket, or else it will melt the seams! And probably damage the FR coating, but I don’t know 100% about that. One of the snaps in the neck was torn off, but that is probably my fault, I was welding in 100 degree heat and was a little too eager to get this jacket off. I also had to resew the seam on one of the pockets, but I believe that it was probably one of my tungstens that punctured the hole in the first place. Overall, I’ve used this jacket for several hours a day, everyday for a year, and it’s served me well!” —- Kathryn Smith

    The jacket has been given a rating of 3.9 stars out of 5 stars.

  • MILLER ELECTRIC Jacket Black, PIgskin Leather

    Here is an image of the jacket:

    You can purchase this jacket for 149.50 US DOLLARS, and you already get a free shipping for it. Yay, savings! There’s only 6 left in stock for this welding jacket, so you better hurry up and add it to your cart if you want it. The jacket has been made from premium grain pigskin leather that can withstand sparks and spatter for a long term us. The leather is expandable and strategically place for an added mobility. It is flame resistant and the inside cuff of this jacket has been sewn entirely with Kevlar thread, which helps by adding structural durability at each seam.

    Here is a customer’s review about it:

    “Great item just had to return for a smaller size as this runs big. I usually wear a large on all my clothes but mostly slim fit clothing. If you are a slim fit person go the size below. I shrunk it a little more to get just the right size. Overall great jacket. Only problem just be a little gentle with the buttons as the part it snaps into will come off if you pull to hard. I have one that came off but took to cleaners and they fixed it really fast. Other than that I love this jacket.” — David Evans

    The jacket was rated with 4.8 stars out of 5 stars.


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