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Push VS Drag MIG Welding

As a welder, you’ve often heard of the PUSH and DRAG technique in MIG welding, but push vs drag — which one is better? First, to understand better, welding is the act of joining two pieces or more of a type of metal. You will be able to join these pieces by the use of fire or electricity, and then you will seal the deal by letting it dry or hammering the pieces together.  In MIG welding, you will makes use of what welders refer to as the “puddle”. This is the melted metal from the wire in your welder. The welder is the actual substance of your weld. Normally, this puddle will move along the weld as you continue working. It’s really hard to decide which one between pushing or dragging is better, because I think it all depends on the angle of the welding gun you are holding. You will need consistent practice to be better.


A word of advice to you:


It would be best if you are confident and sure of your choices when it comes to wires and gases. Of course, you can weld any type of metal but since there are different kinds of metals and they have different properties, they will require different supplies to be able to get good welds. And before starting on a weld project, be sure that your materials are complete. As well as your safety gear. Do this every time you begin so you will form it as a habit. I’m sure you don’t want to get burned or get into accidents that could harm you. It would be better if you are welding protected.


Check the temperature of your welds. Don’t discard them immediately. You could also dip them in a bucket of cool water, and then you can discard. It’s also not advisable to toss away any pieces of scrap welds into a container that will most likely melt or catch fire. We’d advise you to go and purchase a metal bucket just to be on the safe side.


It would also be a great move to have wire cutters ready, and are placed withing reach. You don’t want to waste your time looking for the wire cutter. As I said above, be sure to check that you have all the materials that you need, before  you begin.


Still confused on what’s better between push vs drag with MIG welding, don’t be! They both are, but they just have different uses! You will know which one to use as you get more skilled in your welding. If you need more tricks and tips when it comes to welding steel, be sure to browse around our website for more. Don’t forget to let your friends know about us! Have a nice day!