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Red Wing Boots Steel Toe

Are you looking for some Red Wing Boots that have an added steel toe protection? Do you want to purchase them at a lesser price but at the same quality? There’s no need to look at anywhere else except Amazon! Amazon will be able to give you what you need in a boot at a discounted price! You have a lot of brands to choose from and that included Red Wing! Here are some Red Wing boot selections that they have:

  • Irish Setter Men’s 83810 8″ Steel Toe Work Boot

    The price of this product ranges from 123.66 US DOLLARS to 195.00 US DOLLARS. It depends on the size of the boot you will be getting. If you purchase from Amazon, you will be able to get free returns on some sizes and colors.

    You can choose between colors brown…

    … or black.

    Which one do you like between the two colors? The boot has been made from genuine premium leather and it comes with a thick rubber sole, as you can probably observe in the picture. In addition, the outsole of this boot have been equipped with features being non-marking, slip resistant, heat resistant, chemical resistant, abrasion resistant, and oil resistant. You can be sure that this boot will keep your feet safe from any danger that may come it’s way.

    I also have to mention that the boot will also help keep your feet dry and warm with it’s waterproof feature and 400 gram insulation.

    Here is a review about it from a certified customer:

    “these boots are exactly what I wanted, they are being put through a very hard life, and have stood up to conditions, water, mud, and all types of weather and things, still water tight, and not falling apart , a good value for your money spent. I would buy these again when the ones I have now are finally worn out one day. Make sure what you order, is proper fit, I went and tryed a few work boots out first, redwing, etc. then ordered these, and I had no problems, sizes for tennisshoes are not the same they for me, need to be a size number bigger, than a boot size, my experience, etc. boot is a usa 12EE, but a tennis shoe is a 13, etc. these boots seem to be made well.” – Bruce C

    The average rating that this boot received is at 4.4 stars out of 5 stars.

  • WORX by Red Wing Shoes Men’s 8″ Cordura Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot

    There is only one stock left for this product as I write this so if you like this boot, I’d advise you to purchase it now!

    This boot is being sold for 159.99 US DOLLARS! Through Amazon, you will be able to avail of a free shipping and free returns for this boot. The current size that’s left is 11.5 3E US, and the brown color.

    This boot is made from a combination of Nylon and Textile, and it also comes with a man made sole. Unlike others, it isn’t made from leather but that doesn’t mean that this boot is weaker when it comes to protection. In fact, it has been proven that this boot is durable and that is thanks to the direct attach welt construction that this boot has. The boot is also oil and slip resistant. You won’t have any problems when you are working long hours because the boot is light weight meaning it won’t add unnecessary stress to your feet. Plus, it’s waterproof!

    Here is a review about it:

    “I am required to have steel toes for work and was actually supposed to get a different pair altogether. They were out of the other kind of boot in my size, so I ended up having to get these boots instead. At first I wasn’t very happy with the idea because they look rather bulky, but after wearing them and using them, I am a believer. I have had these boots for 4 years and absolutely love them. I am a biologist and walk up to 15 miles a day in these beasts. I have gotten stuck in knee deep mud, walked through 6 inch deep water, and fallen in badger holes. They have stood up against everything, including being attacked by an angry gopher. My feet stay dry and they are incredibly comfortable and durable. I am a woman and wear womens 11, which translates to a mens 10. They fit exactly as they should and are nice and roomy for my toes. I get ankle and foot pains once in a while, including arch pains. When I wear these, I never get pain or fatigue. I am looking to buy a second pair in case they ever discontinue these.” – Drakes21

    This boot has received a rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 stars!

  • Vintage Red Wing 04418 Men’s Steel Toe Work Boot

    This boot is a little pricey at 250.00 US DOLLARS, plus you will also need to shell out an additional 7.49 US DOLLARS, but I’m guessing that it’s because it’s vintage.

    It looks really tough, sturdy, plus you can use it for occasions that aren’t exactly work related. Currently, there’s only 2 stocks left at Amazon so it would be best if you can hit up that “Add To Cart” button as soon as you can! The leather that this boot was made from is premium and high quality. The sole is a special vibram sole, but take a notice of the sole’s thickness? It is very thick and sharp objects will not be able to easily penetrate it. This boot is manmade so that makes it extra special, and expensive. But is this boot worth it?

    For protection, this boot has been a certified passer in the ANSI standards for the steel toe. It’s very comfortable to wear and despite appearances, the boot is very breathable. Plus, looking at the boot in the picture, one can say that it is very stylish. It must be because the boot has been oil taned.

    So if you want a stylish yet protective boot,you should go for this boot.

  • Irish Setter Men’s 83808 8″ Steel Toe Work Boot

    This boot is being sold at 131.50 up to 169.99 US DOLLARS. If you purchase from Amazon, you will be able to get free returns! It’s made from quality leather and it comes with a thick rubber sole that is always ready for any type of terrain. This boot is super comfy and it will help you keep your footing.

    There’s not much detail written about this boot, but here’s a comprehensive review about it:

    “Ahoy hoy folks. Considering the popularity of Redwing boots (who produces Irish Setter), I’m surprised to see these not reviewed, so hopefully I can provide some insight on them. First things first though, I did NOT buy these on I purchased them in an official Redwing dealer, and the service I received there was extraordinary. They polished the boots I walked in with for no charge before I even bought anything. and the staff was very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend going to one of these dealers if you are interested in these boots, or any Redwing/Irish Setter product.

    Anyway, let’s get down to business. These boots are in the Logger style, which typically means a rather thick sole and heel, as well as a more upward stance when wearing them. This is the first time I have tried this style of boot, but in the future I will continue to seek it out. The stance the boots put you in is far more comfortable and natural to me than the more flat sole/heel of more “traditional” work boots. It also seems to help me a bit in keeping good posture, which is a definite plus.

    The leather and finish on these boots is top notch. I always used to buy black boots, but these were just so nicely finished I couldn’t resist them. To the touch, the leather is very smooth, yet it also seems very sturdy and tough.

    A feature I find to be very useful are the speedlace-style laces. Basically, it allows you to thread the laces from just above your ankle all the way up to the top in seconds. It makes taking the boot and on and off much faster than traditional laces where you had to thread them through individually.

    The boots also have a steel shank, which should provide nice protection from sharp objects, however, you can feel it through the stock insole, especially at the tip. Thus, I recommend getting your preferred pair of insoles to add to these so you won’t feel the shank.

    After having these for only a few days, they already feel pretty broken in, which is very quick by most shoe standards.

    As for sizing, they seem to be pretty true to size. I tried on some Carolina boots before buying these, and the sizing seems to be practically identical. I say, buy spot on whatever you normally wear, however you might want to go up a size if you plan on adding the insoles.

    Overall, the initial impressions I get from these boots is very positive. They seem tough and ready to tackle whatever I throw at it. I will try to update in the future to see how they hold up. Thanks for reading.

    6/20/13 Update: Ahoy hoy, folks. These boots are still going strong. They still look almost as good as the day I bought them and they are showing no signs of wear except for the amount of tread on the sole, but that’s to be expected. I still highly recommend these.

    9/4/2014 Update: Ahoy hoy again. It’s been a year and a half and the boots are still great. The leather has been beat up a bit but that’s mostly my fault from all the hell I’ve put them through. The sole is noticeably worn down as well, especially at the heel, however I’m pretty musclebound and walk hard so that might be again mostly my fault. Despite that, they’re still chugging along!” – The Black Metal Wolf

    The boot has received an average of 3.9 stars out of 5 stars.



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