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Rhino Auto Darkening Hood Solar Combo

If you are looking for a new welding helmet to purchase, then why don’t you check out Rhino’s Auto Darkening Hood with a solar combo? You will never know but it could be the welding helmet that you are looking for. There’s a lot of welding helmets in the market, and you might be having a hard time figuring out which is which. Which one should you get? Which helmet will suit you better? No matter how much I try to convince you to purchase something, if you can feel that it isn’t for you then you won’t be comfortable with it. Our purpose here is to inform you about the pros and cons of a certain helmet and hopefully, because you have gain a better understanding and knowledge about the helmet, you will be able to decide if it is the helmet for you.




Name: Rhino Auto Darkening Hood Solar Combo “Black Vader”

Price: 249.00 US DOLLARS

Owners: Rhino Welding Helmets


Overall Rank: 10 out of 10


Rhino Auto Darkening Solar Combo, Product Overview

Say hello to Rhino’s Auto Darkening helmet with the solar combo!

This is a helmet that has gained a lot of talk and attention. They call this type as the “Black Vader”. It kind of does make you look a bit like Darth Vader! Any Star Wars fan out there? Aside from the fact that the helmet is really cool looking (Welding in style anyone?), the viewing lens of this helmet is also OVER-SIZED. The price of this helmet may be a little expensive than others, but one can easily save for it and I’m sure that you will realize that the helmet pays for itself in the future. The battery is a combo meaning it is a combination between being powered by the sun and/or electricity. In some ways the helmet is also capable of offering the wearer some sort of protection against sparks, burns, and even unwanted rays that can cause damage to the human body.


The Good and The Bad


The Good:


Take a good look at the photo again! The helmet has 10.4 square inches of LCD Auto Darkening viewing area! That is almost the double the size of a standard viewing window! Most helmets only have their viewing windows at around four to six square inches. With an over-sized lens, you will be able to see more things and work even more productively because nothing is blocking your sight. And just like Darth Vader, you will also have some sort of air filter. You see in welding, you will be encountering a lot of dangerous or poisonous fumes that you need to keep out of your lungs so it’s great to see a helmet solve that problem for you!

When it comes to pricing, the great quality for professionals is priced for everyone (who can save for it) at two hundred and forty nine ($249.00) US Dollars! And it comes with a warranty that is valid for 2 years. Sadly, I can’t really check out the price of this helmet at Amazon right now since it is not available at Amazon. And more bad news is that Amazon has no idea when the item will be back in stock. Crossing my fingers that it will be soon though!


The Bad:


Even if the company says that the helmet is priced for everyone, it is still a little expensive compared to most. And it’s not available at Amazon!

Who is the Rhino Auto Darkening Welding Helmet for?

This is great for those people who are into welding and want an equipment that they can clearly depend on. In fact, here are some more information about the welding helmet that you might find useful.

Let us move our focus to the specific features of the helmet. The light state of this helmet is at number 4 (DIN 4), while the dark state is adjustable at number 9 to number 13. If you can take a little time to go back up to the photo, you will notice the adjustment knob for this at the exterior part of the helmet. Yes, that one, below the rhinoceros. The reaction time of this helmet is at 1/25,000 second. The delay time of of this helmet is adjustable from 0.15 seconds until 0.80 seconds. You will see the adjustment dial for this inside the helmet, above the lens. Here is a quick photo below:


You may notice that there are two adjustment knobs, and that other one is for the sensitivity of the helmet. Since the helmet comes with batter combo – meaning that it is both solar powered and battery powered, you will expect to see a low battery indicator light inside the helmet, above the lens. Take a look back at the photo. You will never miss this because you will see it blinking while you are wearing the helmet. Keep in mind that the minimum lifetime of the helmet is for 5000 welding hours. I also must mention that the LCD lens of this welding helmet is where you will find the solar panel.


This helmet is recommended for welding processes and max weld amps like stick welding, MIG welding, and Flux Cored up to 300 amps. You can also use this for TIG but note that the amps should only be between 5 to 250 amps.  For your peace of mind, the helmet has been able to meet the safety standard of ANSI Z87.1-2003, DIN/CSA/TUV/CE standards. The lens of this welding helmet will also be able to protect you against a hundred percent ultraviolet rays and also from infrared and radiation.


Here are a couple of reviews from people who managed to purchase it:

“Fantastic! Bought as a birthday present, son loves it. this product does everything that its suppose to. Would buy again without hesitation.” – Stephen Coles

“I have purchased 2 of these bad boys now… the first was crushed by a truck (darn the luck!) Yet had it been a 4-5 hundred dollar mask?. Would have been worse. The price on these are right on target. They work very well especially if you wear bi-focals. The extra space is wonderful… This helmet is now my “Standard Issue” WONDERFUL!” – Larry Holter

Been waiting to write this review until I put this helmet through it rounds. After about 4 months of daily use including stick in all positions and mig. I have to say this hood is an absolute steal for its price. Large screen, great response time it’s really met all my demands. Only small problem I’ve had was with the headband not being comfortable but it’s an easy fix with a 5 dollar aftermarket band.” – Jay Hazelwood


Rhino Auto Darkening Helmet Price

As I said above the helmet is being sold at 249.00 US DOLLARS, but sadly it isn’t available at Amazon right now. Maybe you can check out other shopping websites like eBay.


My Final Opinion of Rhino Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Solar Combo

Overall I think this case is really worth it’s price! It’s so obvious that the helmet is well made and that it was carefully crafted to make sure it will meet the needs of the welder who is using it. Wouldn’t you want a helmet that fits well with all your needs? The lens are wide and you also have all sorts of protection starting from air filter to shielding you against dangerous UV rays.


Rhino Auto Darkening Helmet Solar Combo at a glance…


Owners: Rhino

Price: 249.00 US DOLLARS

Overall rank: 10 out of 10


Verdict: LEGIT



Hopefully, us here at Welding Steel Tips and Tricks was able to help you out even just a little bit in figuring out if this helmet is the one for you. If you want to read more information about other welding helmets, don’t hesitate to browse around the website. For sure, you will find something that will be useful to you. Don’t forget to subscribe! If you have any question, feel free to drop a comment below or send us a message! We would do our very best to supply the answers! Have a great day and happy welding!