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Rocky Work Boots Steel Toe

Today we are going to explore another fantastic brand of steel toe work boots, and it’s Rocky! Having been around since 1932, the Rocky brand has already established 80 years of tradition and heritage with their boots. The name Rocky was chosen to give the boots a sense of adventure. You can be sure that Rocky’s boot will keep you engaged and on the go. The boots can be said to be superior when it comes to comfort, design, innovation, and even waterproofing system.


Let’s take a look at a few steel toe boots from their collection.


  1. Rocky Men’s Mobilite Six Inch STEEL TOE Work Boot

    The original price of this boot was at 179.99 US DOLLARS, but at Amazon, it has been reduced to 84.75 US DOLLARS up to 166.99 US DOLLARS. If you shop at Amazon, you will be able to save much more since aside from the price reduction, there’s also an on going sale, which means that the lower price is available on the select options.

    The product has been made from imported high quality leather and it comes with a thick rubber sole. You can also wear this boot on wet places with no problem since it is waterproof, and also breathable at the same time. The boot has also been coated with an oil resistant feature, which also helps against slipping.

  2. Rocky Men’s Iron Clad Eight Inch STEEL TOE Work Boot
    The original price of this boot was at 179.99 US DOLLARS, but just like the product above, it’s price at Amazon has also been reduced to 116.77 US DOLLARS to 162.74 US DOLLARS. And since there’s also a sale, you can avail this product at the lowest price available on the select options.

    The boot has been made from full grain imported leather and it comes with a thick rubber sole. Did you know that this boot has a 7 layer out sole? Just like the first product, this boot is also waterproof and breathable. It also has a Goodyear Welt construction.

    Another nice feature of this boot is the thermoplastic polyurethane shank.



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