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Steel Toe Boots External Metatarsal Guard

Today we are going to be exploring more about steel toe boots that come with external metatarsal guard as an additional protection for your feet. Welding is a risky business. Welders, and even non welders, know that there’s a lot of risk involved if you get into the welding zone. Both healthy and safety risks. That’s why it is important for a welder to have the complete PPE or Personal Protective Equipment when he or she is in the field. One of the said PPE is the boot. The most popular safety boot is the one with the steel toe protection, but now, there’s an even better boot that comes with an added protection. Let’s take a look at some of the said boots below:

  • Rocky Men’s Elements 6″ Steel Toe Met-Guard Boot

    The original price of this boot was at 279.99 US DOLLARS, but you can purchase it for only 152.66 to 189.99 US DOLLARS at Amazon. Lucky for you, this product has been included on the sale happening at Amazon so you can purchase this item at the lower price available. Here is an image of it:

    The boot is made from genuine leather with a lug sole. Once you have worn these boots from Rocky, you will never have to worry about being bogged down. The boot comes with a handsome looking lace-up as a part of the Rocky Elements Steel Collection. This boots will help you tread over mucky conditions. As I said, this boot comes with a larger scope of protection thanks to the added metatarsal guard. The boot still has the protective steel toe and it comes with an electrical hazard protection.

    Here is a customer’s review about it:

    “My boyfriend loves these boots! He found them very protective and comfortable!” – Jenclark82

    Currently, the boot has been given a rating of 5 stars over 5 stars.


    You can purchase this boot for only 153.22 to 179.99 US DOLLARS. This product is also part of the sale that’s currently happening at Amazon that allows you to purchase selected items at the lower price available on the options provided. You’ve probably heard of Michelin before right? It’s quite a popular brand!

    Here is an image of it:

    The boot is made from leather, but it doesn’t really look leathery right? The boot has been constructed Strobel style. What do we mean when we say this? It means that the insole is stitched to the upper using an over lock, chain stitch seam. The sole unit will then be applied with the use of glue or injection molding. This allows for a flexible footwear but a less robust one.

    Thanks to it’s steel toe protection and it’s external metatarsal protection, this boot is now able to give it’s wearer an enhanced safety toe protection. The boot is also shock absorbent with a high cushioned midsole so you can expect less pain and shocks from impact while you are wearing this boot.

    Here is a customer’s review about the boot:

    “I tear through at least two pairs of work boots a year. My last pair was Cat and they only lasted 3 months. These boots are comfortable. The inserts provide decent padding and arch support. They don’t hurt my feet or ankles like other high tops dway more water resistant than Cat boots. The added steel plate makes me confident when moving heavy objects. I like that the top plate deflects slag and plasma when I am welding or lancing metal. The treads on the bottom are awesome! They provide excellent traction and don’t get clogged with mud. I realized how well they kick mud when I went to the grocery store after tromping in the mud all day and left a trail of mud chunks behind me. Sorry floor sweeper guy! Great work boot overall. The only negative thing is when kneeling or squatting down the metal plate pushes on the top of my foot making that position a bit uncomfortable.” – Team Wiapio Valley

    The boot has been given an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.


What do you think of the boots we featured here today?

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