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Steel Toe Caps Boots

Are you by any chance looking for Steel Toe Cap boots? Then you are in luck! Today we are going to be talking about steel toe cap boots! If you want to stay safe and protected at your work place, then there’s no better accessory than a boot. Just because it’s your farthest extremity doesn’t mean that you should neglect keeping your feet safe from harm. You don’t know but you could probably step on a nail, or glass shards, and if you aren’t protected enough, this could would your soles. I’m sure you do not want that. Being safe at work is as important as finishing your task.


Here are some Steel Toe Cap Boots that you should check out:


  • PRO-MAN PM4002 Men’s S3 Outsize Black Steel Toe Cap Safety & Work Boots

    Made from leather, this boot is resistant to shock and from being crushed by something heavy. There’s a stainless steel in the midsole for additional protection.

    As you can notice in the photo, the collar is padded for additional comfort, and the laces of the boots aren’t annoying and won’t be getting the in the way of your task.

    The boot has been also equipped with anti-static properties, and a 90 degrees heel cup for additional stability.

    This boot is being sold at 79.95 US DOLLARS, and is available at sizes 15, 16, and 17 D(M) US.


    A longer neck means a bigger area of protection. Not only are your toes protected, but also your ankles.

You can purchase this boot starting at 69.99 US DOLLARS to 140.00 US DOLLARS. It’s made from important high-quality leather so you can be sure that it will last for quite some time.

The sole of this boot is synthetic but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t tough and durable. It will be able to protect you from any dangers that you may step upon.

Aside from that color in the photo which is Cherry Red, you can also purchase this boot in colors Black Fine Hair Cell, Blue, Purple, and White. Certainly, this boot will protect you and keep you stylish as well.



    If that didn’t convince you that this boot is worth buying, then I don’t know what you are thinking. You can purchase this boot starting at 93.36 US DOLLARS up to 145.00 US DOLLARS.

    This boot is made from imported leather and it is finished with tough man made sole that is sure to keep your feet safe and warm because it is insulated. The shaft measures approximately 6 inches from the arch, and the heel measures approximately 1.75 inches. It comes with a padded collar for additional comfort.

    There’s a logo patch at the tongue. You can use this boot in cold and wet places because as I said above it is insulated, and it is waterproof. There will be no socks getting soggy wet with this product.



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