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Wolverine Steel Toe Shoes Review

Wolverine Steel Toe Shoes Review

Let me ask you a question. Do you consider yourself to be a trend setter? Do you like to wear clothing that matches your mood on a particular day or night? What about styles, are you wearing the latest, most eye catching designs or do you sometimes feel that your wardrobe could do with a facelift? For those who pay keen attention to footwear, ideas may be gleaned from various online shoes sources. If you are a stickler for high fashion, then this Wolverine Steel Toe Shoes Review may just be your best friend.

However you answered the questions above, one thing is for certain, not many people like to be out in the cold with their mode of dress. Footwear is no exception. It has to satisfy a wide and varied scope of interests. Toughness, reliability, comfort are the three words that spring readily to mind. If you are in a field that requires a shoe to safeguard your feet, steel toe protection will rate among your top methods of choice.

Wolverine Steel Toe Shoes Review

The question on the lips of many people however is, “can my work shoes perform its unenviable foot supporting role while at the same time promoting my fashion trend swag?” In the Wolverine brand you will find a manufacturer having over a hundred years experience in creating shoes that look fabulous and attractive to satisfy the most demanding shoe enthusiasts. The range of designs from low cut shoes to high top boots gives the option of selecting your style of choice.

Apart from style, color is the attribute that most readily strikes the eye as it plays on the sense of sight. Here you will find a range of shades from the color spectrum to suit your taste. Since the proof of the pudding is in the eating, or in this case the proof of the shoe is in the wearing, it is instructive to examine what wearers of these hardened tip shoes have experienced while sporting them.

One of the most amazing experiences of this shoe is that the steel toe while expected to be hard on the foot is actually very comfortable. This is true even if you are 6 feet five inches tall and weigh 300 pounds. The classic welt construction with removable full cushion foot bed and built in shock absorption features guarantee flexibility and toughness.

There is a small chance of wearing out the toes of these shoes and boots any time soon. This coupled with the relative lightweight features do actually make your feet feel fine when the workday is over. The thick soles do take some getting used to but whether you do demolition work or just need to look trendy, step up to a shoe that’s waiting to pamper your feet. You can get a pair below if you are interested and really want them.

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Steel Toe Shoes

Steel Toe Shoes

Steel Toe Shoes are a strong type of protective footwear featuring a shielding support for the toes. This gives them the ability to guard against falling objects damaging the toes of the wearer. They exist in a number of shapes and sizes. In general they are designed based upon specific working conditions to which they will be subjected. It is common for the distinction to be made between them and their boots counterparts based on the latter covering the feet above the ankles.


To validate their ability to safeguard the toes and feet the shoes are rated in terms of their impact and compression resistance. They will therefore be rated as Low, Medium or High in terms of their severity impact. It is worth noting that in addition to steel, other non metallic materials such as thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) are used to manufacture toe caps.

Steel Toe Shoes

A familiar home for this type of footwear is in the construction industry. This really comes as no surprise because a look at the environment here reveals a lot of heavy machinery, moving equipment as well as dense raw materials such as steel, lumber, cement and the like. It is no coincidence that this shoe passes water penetration and resistance tests, wet conditions being a constant feature of the construction site.

While being the construction worker’s famous ally, sturdy shoes are also a part of the attire of other tradesmen and women. If you are a cook you will most likely be on your feet in the kitchen running from pot to stove all day every day. You really need shoes that can stand up to such demanding requirements.  Add to that the need to prepare for the odd times when a pot, sharp knife or heavy kitchen utensil decides that it is time to play darts with your less than willing but nonetheless available toes.

Let’s spare a thought for the bartender. Serving and bartending may seem like a fairly straightforward job but have you ever thought about glass bottles falling to the floor? Well they do fall from the bartender’s grasp from time to time and do you want to know where they usually aim? You got that right…….straight at the feet! Picture yourself bartending, wearing open toe shoes when one of the glass bottles you are carrying plays a game with gravity.

If you want to make sure that your hard tip shoes are comfy it is a good idea to wear them with slightly thick socks to increase the cushioning effect. In this way you can stay on your feet as long as you need to and remain comfortable. After all, shoes were made for walking. Is that all you seem to do?

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