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Steel Toe Work Boots And Why They’re Important

Today we are going to be talking about Steel Toe Work Boots and the reason why they are important, but first, let us get to know what welding is and other related terms. The art or craft of Welding has been around since the medieval period – maybe even the stone ages – wherein people create weapons with the use of steel, rock, and fire. In the modern times, welding is defined as the act of joining together two metal pieces or parts with the use of either fire or electricity to the point of melting. Thank you, Google for that definition. Here are some other definitions:

– “To join (metals) by applying heat, sometimes with pressure and sometimes with an intermediate or filler metal having a high melting point.” (source: freedictionary)

– “to join pieces of metal together by heating the edges until they begin to melt and then pressing them together.” (source: Merriam-Webster)

Next is “Steel Toe Boot”, what is it exactly? A steel toe boot, which is also sometimes known as a safety boot, or a steel capped boots, or even a safety shoe, is quite a durable boot or shoe or footwear that has a protective steel in the toe area to act as a protection from objects that might possibly fall on the foot and compress it. Many workers especially in the industry field and construction field are being encouraged to buy and use a steel toe boot for that extra protection. If you are still asking yourself why it is important, then let me tell you that wearing a steel toe boot is better than a boot that is just normal, because with a steel toe boot, you are safer and protected. You have something that can guard your feet against heavy materials that can fall and cause damage to your bones. The steel in the boot with prevent the impact from falling directly to your feet.


Did you kow that there are safety symbols that can be found outside a boot so you will know the protection that the shoe can offer? 

If you see:

– GREEN TRIANGLE: If you see this symbol, it means that the boot is a class 1 toe cap with a puncture resistant sole. It means that the sole of the boot is thick and it won’t be punctured easily if ever you step on something shard. The sole of your feet will be protected.

– YELLOW TRIANGLE: If you see this symbol, it means that the boot is a class 2 toe cap with a puncture resistant sole. Basically the same with the green triangle, but the sole is a little bit thicker.

– WHITE SQUARE (WITH OHM SYMBOL): If you see this symbol, it means that the boot is equipped with e;electrical protection. This is great for those who are working in an electric plant.

– YELLOW SQUARE (WITH SD SYMBOL): If you see this symbol, it means that the boot is anti-static, which is also great if you are working in environments with electrical currents.

– RED SQUARE (WITH C): If you see this symbol, it means that the boot is electrically conductive.

– FIR TREE: If you see this symbol, it means that the boot is capable of protecting you against chain-saws if ever you find yourself in a chain-saw massacre. Just kidding. I believe that this boot is great if you are working with tree or lumber.



Here is an example of a great steel toe boot:


Say hello to Timberland’s PRO Men’s 40000 Met Guard 6′ Steel Toe Boot. You can purchase this from Amazon at 107.00 – 175.00 US DOLLARS. I think the price depends on the size of the boot you will buy, so if you have bigger feet then….Oh well, at least this boot is made from the highest quality leather, which means that it won’t be scratched easily. The shaftof this boot measures approximately 6″ from arch, and the heel measures approximately 1.5″. The boot has what we call a hinged metatarsal guard that protects your feet against impact and it is able to fit the natural shape of your feet perfectly. This is great news because it means that the boot is comfortable enough for you to be able to bend and squat all you want. I believe being comfortable during your work period or work time is important because this allows you to give more focus to the task you are supposed to do instead of something else.


The Goodyear welt construction of this boot is also able to provide or offer an extra in terms of durability and stability. The sole of this boot is slip proof, oil proof, abrasion proof, and heat proof. You can be sure that this boot won’t let you down when the going gets tough.

Here’s a great review about it:

“I had my first pair of these boots for 3 years and my second pair for 3 years as well. The second pair I spend 15 bucks at the shoe store to have some parts resewn after about 2 years. I work in all types of environments from industrial to medical. My boots get worn 5 days a week with out fail. These are great boots. I did have the problem with the shoe string breaking on one of the boots about 1.5 years into my second pair. I am going to purchase my 3rd pair now and have no worries about getting another three years from them. I do highly recommend getting some slip in comfort pads. Timberland should send me a free pair for being so loyal. – Daniel with 5 star rating”


So now that you know what a steel toe work boot is and why it is so important to have and use, then what are you waiting for? Go and get one for yourself! If you want to know more about steel toe boots, why don’t you subscribe to us! We review everything from steel toe boots to gloves, to helmets, and even welding sleeves. We will give you the best and the latest choices from the market so you won’t have a hard time looking. Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment or a message! We’d love to hear from you!