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The Correct Way To Hold A Welding Torch

If you have decided to learn about welding, then the one of the most important things that you should know would be the correct way to hold a welding torch. Before we get to that, I’d like to congratulate you for having the courage to learn about the art of welding. It’s not an easy feat. You don’t learn how to weld in just a day or even a week. You will need constant practice and dedication to the craft. The welding torch is an important part of the welding process, that’s why learning how to do it properly can be your first step in becoming proficient with many types of welding.

Before welding, you have to make sure that the materials that you need are complete and are within your reach. Since there are a lot of health risks involved in welding, so you also have to make sure that your safety gear is complete. This includes the helmet (hopefully the automatic one), your coat, sleeves, welding gloves, pants, and protective boots. The venue that’s best for welding would be an open space where air will be able to freely pass. Next thing to do would be to turn on the fuel adjustment knob – slowly. Usually this knob is located on the shorter tank. Just a 1/2 inch turn will do. You will then quickly light the torch by tilting the lighter so that the fuel will be trapped in the spark cup and will then slowly light the torch. Adjust it.


Next, make sure that the metal you will be welding has been already wiped of dust and rust. Slowly but surely, move the torch over the area that is to be welded. Go about an even pacing. Don’t hold the flame too close to the material for extended periods of time for this will create HOLES. You do not want this, unless it’s your intention. Mind the distance between the flame and the material. If you hold it too far from the material wil result to nothing. Keep an eye out at the angle of your torch and the amount of flame, adjust to these.


Keep a close watch at the inner blue flame, because that’s the hottest part. If you paid attention to your chemistry classes, you’d know that it’s the part where the heat is mostly concentrated. Listen for the “hiss” sound. This means that you’ve turned up the torch too high.

If your torch is yellow, it means you don’t have enough oxygen. Adjust, Yellow flame is sooty.
The correct way to hold a welding torch really depends on what you are currently aiming to do in a project. No worries, with enough practice, you will be able to master it in no time. If you have any questions, be sure to leave us a comment or send us a message! We’d love to answer your questions. See you again!