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The Original Muck Boot Co. Chore Steel Toe Work Boots Review

For today’s product review, we are going to discuss The Original Muck Boot Co. Chore Steel Toe Work Boots. Have you heard of this brand before? Allow me to tell you about the company before we get on with the product review. The Original Muck Boot company began in 1999, and it only had one sole purpose which was to built the most comfortable and high performance footwear that was available in the market. The company makes sure that all the boots they are making is to deliver the same 100% waterproof quality and comfort that has inspired the original footwear. Other boot companies have began since 1880+ but this company began only in 1999, and they have grown to over 60 styles of rubber and leather. Each boot has been designed to be able to withstand tough conditions at work whether it’s in agriculture, lawn, garden, outdoor sports, equine, urban commuter, and pet care markets.


As of 2016, this brand is being defined as a standard of comfort and quality that goes beyond the expectations of customers around the country.


Now, let’s take a look at the boot, here is an image of it below:



You can purchase this boot from Amazon. I’m sure you’ve somehow heard of Amazon, right? It is a popular online shop in America. You can browse products on the website, then look at the details of the product you are purchasing easily. You can also pay online and have it delivered to your home or work place. And another good news, the product that we are discussing for today has been included in the sale that’s currently happening at Amazon. This means that you can get this boot at the lowest price available on the select options.


The boot is made from a combination of rubber and fabric. And it comes with a thick rubber sole. This boot is really easy to wear and you don’t need to do a complicated set of laces. The scope of protection that the boot offers is also wider and longer so the area that it covers is a lot more than just your normal boot.


The price of this boot starts at 86.02 US DOLLARS to 213.90 US DOLLARS.



Before you decide to purchase this boot, you can actually check out if the customers who purchased the product before you, actually liked the boot. Somehow taking time to read through the customer reviews will give you an insight on how the product will be when you receive it. You go with your gut feeling.


Like this review for example:


“Muck boots are worth the extra money! If you’ve ever chosen to buy a pair of rubber boots at a big box store like Walmart in the last number of years, you were likely disappointed. I know I was. I never imagined paying $100 for a pair of rubber boots and instead routinely paid $20 or more for the stiff plastic like rubber boot. Those are very uncomfortable to walk in since they are so stiff and on the front where they kink as you walk, they often quickly crack and leak. Off to the store for a new pair or the shed to check if the last pair had a leaking left so I can use that right boot in place of my newer current failed one. It was actually this end of the season mismatched set of boots that prompted a good friend to gift me with a pair of Muck Chore boots! All I can say is “WOW” They are so comfortable and the upper is a very supple foam like rubber that flexes nicely as you walk. Simply put, they are great and I find myself wearing them more and having dryer feet as opposed to opting for shoes and then suffering with wet feet. I have recently bought this second set so I can have a pair at both the summer place and the winter place and fully expect them to last for years! Buy a pair and you won’t regret the investment!” — T. Metzner



What do you think of the boots after reading that review?



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