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TIG Steel Tips And Tricks

Today is the perfect day to learn more about TIG Steel Tips ang Tricks! What exactly is TIG welding? We’ve heard about it time and time again, but do you really know what it is? TIG stands for Tungsten Inert Gas. To give you a simple definition of the process, it is a manual welding process that requires the welder – this is you – to use two hands to weld.  Many welders have said that this is the hardest welding process to learn. You will be using one hand – whichever you prefer – to hold the TIG Torch and produce an arc, while your other hand will be used for adding the filler to the metal to the weld joint. But even if this process is difficult, it is also considered as the most versatile when it comes to welding different types of metal. It’s a slow process, but you can expect high quality end products.

  • This process will require heat, shielding, and the filler metal. Heat can be taken from the electricity that is passing through the tungsten electrode by creating an arc to the metal. Next, the shield will come from the compressed bottle of gas. And lastly, the filler metal is a wire that is dipped by hand into the arc and melted.
  • TIG and Stick welding usually uses the same power supplies so there’s no need to purchase a new one if you already have one for stick welding.
  • When it comes to electrodes, a pointed tip is typically chosen to be used when you are welding ferrous metals like steel. You will be using direct current electrode negative. If you want to sharpen the electrode point, you will have to point it upward while you are slowly and gently rolling it on the grinding wheel. It’s better if you don’t wear gloves while you are doing this. The gloves might be pulled into the grinding wheel, which could lead to more problems.
  • Rounded tips or what they call as a tapered ball and electrodes are used for welding non-ferous metals. Non-ferous metals refer to magnesium and aluminum. Here you will be using the alternating current. You will need the help of Argon gas if you want to get that round ball shape. While shaping the tips, change it to direct current electrode positive. Be sure to change it back to alternating current once you are done shaping the tip,



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