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TIG Welder Jacket

If you are a TIG welder, I’m sure you understand the importance of owning or having a quality jacket that will protect you while you are welding. What are some of the qualities that you should look for when you are looking for a welding jacket? First, I believe that you would want your jacket to be comfortable to wear. This means that it fits you perfectly – not too tight, not too loose – and it allows you complete range of motion of your upper extremities. Second, the jacket should have the ability to protect you from the risks that comes when you are a welder. The jacket should not catch fire easily, and it should also protect you from the heat that is being emitted by the torch. That’s not all, a great jacket should also be able to keep you warm if you are working in cold environments.


Now where will you find this type of jacket? Since there are lots of TIG jackets available in the market now – whether it’s online or locally – it won’t take you that much time to find one. However, with all these choices, you might be confused about what specific jacket to get.  So here are some recommendations from us. You may want to check them out!


  • MILLER 247118 WeldX Performance Welding Jacket

    You can purchase this jacket for 154.50 US DOLLARS, and if you buy from Amazon, you will be able to get free shipping because it exceeds the minimum of 35.00 US DOLLARS! And I also have to mention that you will also be saving 11.93 US DOLLARS because the original price of this jacket is at 166.43 US DOLLARS.The jacket is comfortable to wear and it’s quite breathable so you won’t feel hot while you are working. The material this jacket has been made from is cotton. Here is a picture of it:

    The jacket is also flame-resistant that has lined sleeves for that added protection. As I said above, the jacket is breathable because of the material it’s been made from, and also because of the vented back. It has a stand up collar for that extra protection for your neck area.


    Now this one is a little cheaper than the first one at only 29.11 US DOLLARS. It’s original price was 30.00 US DOLLARS so you will only be able to save 0.89 cents. It doesn’t come with free shipping because it hasn’t exceed the minimum price of 35.00 US DOLLARS, but it’s very affordable so you may want to really consider it. Here’s an image of it:41mY5ADmvAL._SX425_

    Lincoln Electric is a known brand so you can be sure that this jacket is not just some cheaply made product. It was made with the ability to protect your arms, torso, and a little bit of your neck from spatter and the heat from welding. The material used to make this jacket is also cotton so it’s quite breathable as well. I have to mention that this cotton has been sprinkled with flame-resistant material so rest easy. There’s an inside left pocket for storage. And the snap sleeves of this jacket form fitting cuff that not only looks good, but it also prevents the sleeves from sliding down to your wrist.

These jackets are a perfect match for a TIG Welder like yourself! If you want more jacket suggestions, you can either browse around our website or you can subscribe to us to get e-mail alerts whenever we have posted something new! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment or send us a message! We’d love to hear from you! See you again!