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Tillman 6230 Welding Jacket

Today we are going to be doing a product review for Tillman 6230 Welding jacket. Have you heard of the Tillman brand before? For sure, their jackets are just the kind of quality welding jackets that you are looking for. A welder knows how important it is for him or her to have personal protective equipment that are truly capable of protecting them from harm. There are many risks to welding, you see. We have both safety and health risks. With the right kind of PPE, you will be protected from any harm that you might encounter in your work place as a welder.


With that said, let’s take a look at this welding jacket that Tillman has to offer. Be ready to say hello to Tillman’s 6230 Welding Jacket. As I said, Tillman jackets are quite nice! They are made from very good quality that you will surely enjoy and treasure. This jacket is coined as the “Fire Stop” jacket since it is great at not catching fire. You can purchase this jacket for only 24.95 US DOLLARS. At Amazon, there are certain products that give you free shipping no matter what the cost, but normally, you will have free shipping if the total price of the items you have purchased are more than 49 US DOLLARS.


Here is a picture of it:

I believe that it is only available in that color. Sadly. It’s not a very attractive color but I guess it will do. This seafoam green fire retardant jacket will surely keep you safe from stray sparks that can arise from your torch arc. Welding isn’t easy, even if it pays good! As I said, there are lots of risks available in welding so you will have to protect yourself. Each part of your body is important, and your chest is one of the critical parts of your body that you should keep safe since your lungs and heart can be found there.


This welding jacket has been made from cotton. You’d imagine cotton to easily catch fire, right? Don’t worry, the jacket has been treated to make sure that it doesn’t. Most welding areas are hot, but this jacket is breathable since it is made from cotton. Unlike other jackets, like leather for example, you won’t feel as hot while wearing this. The cotton will allow air and perspiration to exit. You will surely feel comfortable while you are wearing this jacket. Just make sure that you get the right size! It is also very easy to clean this jacket! You can do so using a washing machine or by hand washing it. Your choice!


You can put your trust and peace of mind in this jacket to protect you from sudden flame exposure in case an accident happens, and it will also protect you from light welding and sparks.


Here is a customer’s review about the jacket.

“I heard good things about this jacket so I decided to give it a try and so far, so good! The fit is great so make sure that you get the right size for your body. I remember using this same type of jacket before. It can be used for all metal fab work without the fear of it being on fire when you raise your weld helmet. Truth be told, it isn’t as good as the leather ones but the feel of the jacket is much lighter so I guess that’s a plus. The workmanship of this welding jacket is of good quality.” — Sean L. Schrock


This welding jacket received an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. Great!



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