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Tillman 945 XL Welding Gloves Wool Gold Elk Skin Review

For whatever work you do, it is always a must to consider your own safety. No job is worth it if your health is at risk. That’s why if you are into welding; it is advisable that you invest in different forms of protection. If you are into welding, there’s a lot of health risks involved such as vision damage due to the intense brightness, poisonous fumes, electrocution, accidental burning and explosions, and stray sparks that could cause injuries to your skin. To protect yourself against all these, you will be needing a sturdy helmet, dependable boots, and gloves. It is important that in choosing the product for you, you should deeply consider whether or not you are comfortable using it. When you are comfy with something, it has the ability to increase your concentration, thus this could result to a much high quality result.

In welding, you are mostly using your hands to merge one metal with another metal so your hands are quite important in order for you to finish your task. However, it is also important that you keep in mind that there are different gloves, or to be more specific, they are made from different materials. When picking out the glove for you, it would be for the best if you would also consider the type of job that you do. For example, you can’t use rubber gloves for welding since the heat is too intense, it could melt the rubber and burn it into your skin in the process. Wearing the wrong glove for a certain task could do more harm to you than good.

I also quite understand how time consuming it is to search for the right gloves for you, since there are so many brands or manufacturers nowadays that claim their gloves to be the best ones in the market. Although most of these advertisements are true, you have to be wary about the things you buy since you are going to spending your hard earned money for it. If you are going to be purchasing online, it is important that you know the exact size of your hands. Take time to measure your hands – the length of your fingers, the width of your palm. Also, take time to read up on what the proper material of the glove you should be wearing is supposed to be made of if you are welding a certain material.

In fact, the best thing you could do if you are a newbie in buying gloves, would be to ask advises from your workmates or those who have been into welding for quite a while. However, feel free to check out John Tillman Co.’s 945 gloves! People who have used this have said that this could be the best welding gloves for all types of welding. They were made with 100% Top Grain Gold Elk Skin, which allows them to withstand welding in a hot or cold environment. If you look closely at the finger tips of the gloves, you will notice that it has a durable stitching that serves to protect your fingers from encountering any harm while the activity is on going. It’s really quite comfortable to wear, and if you are worried  that your hands sweat too much, don’t be! Examine the interior of this particular gloves and you’ll find out that it is lined fully with wool. The wool is also an added comfort for your hands. You may look towards Amazon if you are going to buy this product online. It is sold for 35.75 US Dollars, plus an additional 8.50 US dollars as shipping free.

Yes, it may be quite expensive but the gloves really is really high quality. Now, as I have said above, it is very important that you know what size you should get. This gloves is available in Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and 2X.  How to know which category you belong it? Don’t fret! Grab a ruler or tape measure!

Position the ruler or tape measure just below your knuckles. You will do this on your dominant hand, okay? And then base it here,

  • six to seven inches would be  extra small
  • seven to eight inches would be small
  • eight to nine inches would be medium
  • nine to ten  inches would be large
  • ten to eleven inches would be extra large
  • eleven to twelve inches would be 2X


Hopefully with this, you will be able to find the right gloves for you. The size and fit of your glove is important cause this also adds comfort to you, and not to mention security. You will be able to concentrate more on your work if you don’t have to worry about your gloves being too loose and slowly sliding down your wrist. You will be able to give the concentration to your task.


A word of advice before we end, do not disregard the opinion of other people. I’m not telling you to believe everything that they say but take every thing with a grain of salt. Reading reviews of the product you are about to buy is important as this gives you an idea about the product before buying it, but make sure to gather information from a lot of sources and not just from one. Weigh these opinions you have seen or read and analyze them if they seem to be correct. There are some people who post unnecessary comments because they have nothing else to do or because they work for a different company. They say that the gut never lies so learn to listen. If you think a product will not be suitable for you, then do not continue to pursue it.

If you are not comfortable with making that decision, then maybe it’s not the right choice for you. Despite that, I’d still say that Tillman’s 945 welding gloves would be a great choice! It’s durable, capable of protection, stylish, and comfortable! Sure, you will have to spend more but I strongly believe that the product will prove itself to be worthy to you in the long run.