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Timberland Pro Men’s 6” Endurance Premium WP ST Boots Review Request

Today’s review, we are going to talk about the Timberland Pro Men’s 6″ Endurance Premium WP ST Boot which is a request from a reader. If you have a boot that you want to be reviewed, you can drop a comment below or send us a message. Let me tell you more about the Timberland brand. I’m sure you’ve heard about it somewhere or you’ve seen a local retailer at a mall. The Timberland brand started with the focus of people who worked outdoors. However today, you will see that the brand has also expanded to apparels, watches, glasses, and sunglasses. The founder was Nathan Swatz and he started this company at Boston, Massachusetts. He was just an apprentice stitcher then.  In the year 1952, he bought half an interest in The Abington Shoe Company in the southern part of Boston. It was a good move, but of course, one that he wasn’t satisfied with. In 1955, he bought the remaining interest and that’s when he began to bring his sons into the company. It became a family owned business. Today, Timberland has become a popular brand all over the world. They seem to have branches or retail shops every where.


If there’s none near your place, you can always order online. Amazon is a great place to order a Timberland boot. There are a lot of people who put their trust on Amazon, and if you haven’t tried online shopping yet, it is definitely a website that you should try out. At Amazon, you will be able to purchase, pay for the products that you want, and have it delivered to your home or work address. It’s easy. There’s really no need for you to get out of your daily routine.


Now, let’s take a look at the boot. Here is an image of the boot:



GOOD NEWS! This boot is part of the sale that’s currently happening at Amazon now, which means that you will be able to get it at the lowest price that’s available at the select options. The price of this boot starts at 139.99 US DOLLARS to 210.99 US DOLLARS. The boot is made from genuine leather that doesn’t peel off or discolor. If you notice, the boot is a perfect combination of hard rubber and leather. The shaft of this boot measures approximately 5.5 inches from the arch. The heel measures approximately 1.75 inches.


A Timberland boot is engineered for the long hours on their feet. I’m sure that you will find the boot comfortable for the long day.


Here is what a customer thought about the boot after making the purchase:


“This is the 2nd pair of Timberland PRO I have bought. I am in love with the Anti-Fatigue technology. A lot of shoes just rely on a good insole to make the boot comfortable. This boot has a great insole and what really makes it work is the Anti-Fatigue, which is a memory foam/rubber beneath the insole that over time molds with your foot, making them even more comfortable. Only downside to this boot is they don’t last more than 1 1/2 year +. By a year, they will start to come apart a little if not alot. By my 18 month with them, they had no traction left and the glue keeping the sole attached was starting to fall off. Despite this, I will still only buy these boots.

I work 12 hour days on a concrete floor with no padding on the floor, my feet may tired by the end of the shift but they do not hurt. I highly recommend these boots.” — Brandon L. Addington



What do you think of the boot? Do you like the way it looks?


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