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Timberland Work Boots Steel Toe Review

Today we are going to be continuing our review for some of the best Timberland Work Boots Steel Toe! Last Friday if you remember our previous post, we were all about Timberland boots and we still can’t get enough of this great brand. So, let us explore some more.


I’m sure you’ve heard of the Timberland brand when it comes to work boots. They have different types of boots that you can purchase for your needs, but today we will be talking about steel toe boots. Steel toe boots are expected to be a lot heavier than just normal boots, and that’s because they are able to provide a better protection compared to just normal boots. They steel toe will protect the feet from being injured or hurt when something heavy falls directly on your feet.

Here are some steel toe work boots that you might love:

    This boot is being sold at 92.12 up to 165.00 US DOLLARS. If you purchase from Amazon, you will be able to get free returns on some sizes and colors. This boot is expected to fit you perfectly at around 72%. It is available in only one color which s black, as you can see in the photo above. This boot is a perfect combination of full grain leather and high quality textile material. It comes with a thick rubber sole that will be able to protect your feet’s soles if there comes a time when you accidentally step on a sharp object.

    0125The shaft of this boot measures approximately 6″ from the arch, and the heel measures approximately 2″. You will also find that this boot comes with a platform which measures 1.0″. As a boot that cares for your feet, this product comes with a premium waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry and warm no matter the environment that you are working at. If you can also take time to notice in the photo, the boot comes with a back stay rubber to be able to increase abrasion resistance and durability of the boot.

    If you purchase this boot, you will also find that the break-in time is shorter compared to other boots. There’s also what they call the anti-fatigue technology with conical geometry in polyurethane midsole to help in reducing shock and return energy. With this technology, you will find that you are more energetic, balanced, and ready to take on what the day can bring.

  • TIMBERLAND PRO MEN’S DIRECT ATTACH 8″ STEEL TOE BOOTThis is another great product from Timberland. You can purchase this boot at 128.25 US DOLLARS to 149.95 US DOLLARS. If you purchase from Amazon, you will be able to get free returns in some size and colors. More good news about this boot, it is currently included in the sale that’s happening at Amazon so you will be able to purchase this boot at the lower price available on the select options!

    The boot is available in only one color which is wheat. You can see it in the photo. This product is made from quality leather and it comes with a manmade sole. The shaft of this boot measures approximately 7.5″ from the arch. To help keep your balance and stand on uneven ground or slippery ground, Timberland has equipped this boot with what they call as the Timberland PRO Rubber. Just like the first one, this boot also comes with a safety toe for protection. And not only that, this boot is also waterproof so you will be able to work with dry and warm socks.


    This product is being sold for 76.98 US DOLLARS to 125.00 US DOLLARS, and if you purchase from Amazon you will be able to avail of some free returns. This boot is available in brown full or grain leather. This boot is a perfect combination between leather and textile. Unlike the other ones, this boot has a synthetic sole but that doesn’t mean that it’s quality is lesser than a man-made sole. The shaft if this boot measures approximately 6.25″ from the arch and the heel measures 1.25″. This boot also comes with a platform that measures approximately 1″.

    The best thing about this boot is that you will be able to adjust the circumference to your liking. There’s also a built in electrical hazard protection that will be able to guard your feet against shock that can come from open circuits, which can happen when you are welding to be honest. It also comes with comforting features that will be able to help conserve your energy to keep you going, even if you have to take a double shift. This boot will also help you stand your ground and lessen the chances of you slipping and falling on your back.


What do you think of our selection of Timberland boots today? Timberland has been one of the leading companies in making work boots that are safe, durable, tough, and comfortable. They also have other types of boots other than steel toe work boot, for example they have composite toe, ESD/Eh, met guard, slip resistant, and waterproof boots. You have a wide selection to choose from!


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