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Twisted X Men’s 12″ Lite Cowboy Steel Toe Work Boots Review

For today’s product review, we are going to review Twisted X Men’s 12″ Lite Cowboy Steel Toe Work Boots! Work boots are important to a welder. They add protection and comfort as one goes about his or her work for the day. Welding is a great profession. It is an art, but it also has some risks involved. I strongly believe that you should always put yourself health and safety before anything else. Your body is important! You only have one body… You can find work at some other place, but if you injure your body, then you cannot really do anything. You will be limited and it can cause bigger problems. It may not seem much but a boot can protect you from injure, tetanus, leptospirosis, infection, and many other risks. A good work boot will also help keep you comfortable and less tired.


A good boot doesn’t need to be super expensive, remember that. There are a lot of good and affordable boots that you can purchase from Amazon. Have you heard of that online shop? It is a trusted online shopping website all over the world. If you want to purchase something, you’d wanna check out Amazon first. At Amazon, you can browse through thousands (maybe even millions) of selections and brands. You can zoom in on pictures to get a more detailed look of the product, and you can pay online. It’s so convenient! You can even have the item your purchased delivered to your house or office address. All you will really need is a device that can connect to the internet like a laptop or a smartphone.


Twisted X is a great brand that you should also check out. For all their boots, they guarantee that they are using the best materials available to them. They are a dedicated brand to making the best boots. Through the years, they have spent a lot of time and energy when it comes to design and development process. They have invested in newer technology to make their boots stronger and lighter. They also have new tanning processes, and as well as more consistent manufacturing techniques.

Here are some images of the boot:





The price of this boot starts at 132.30 US DOLLARS to 179.95 US DOLLARS. There are cheaper boots than this one, but Twisted X’s quality is really good. This product is also included in the sale that is happening at Amazon which means that you can purchase this product at the lowest price available.


The leather is high quality genuine leather and the shaft measures approximately 12″ from the arch. The colorful red leather is 12″ long and it comes with pull loops to make it easier for you to wear. The steel toe protection of this boot meets or exceeds ASTM F2413-11 175 C75.


The shipping weight of this boot is 4 pounds.


Let us read up on some customer reviews about the boot:


“One boot seemed a half size to big. Returned the boots.” —- Zack Thomas


“Received the boots a week sooner than expected!!! 2 thumbs up!!”


Basing on the two reviews left by customers, the boot is great but there was just a slight problem with the other customer, but nonetheless, Zack Thomas gave the boot a rating of four stars out of 5 stars, which is still considered as very good.


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