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Ways To Stay Safe While Mig Welding

There’s always a risk involved in welding, so whether you are into TIG or MIG welding, it is important to know some of the ways to stay safe. Getting into welding involves a lot of safety and health risks if you aren’t aware of that yet. It is important that a welder also consider his or her own safety before, during, and after the task to be done. A person’s safety should always be a top priority and it is not to be taken lightly. Here are some risks that you might encounter when you are going to be welding:

1.)BURNS. Since the activity itself involves fire and electricity, it is likely that if you are not careful then you might get yourself accidentally burned.
2.)ELECTROCUTED. As I said above, you are going to be dealing with electricity with this task, so it would do you some wonder if you are extra careful as this could lead to death or to some serious injuries.
3.)GAS POISONING. During welding, there are some metals that emit or let out dangerous or poisonous fumes as a chemical reaction. Of course, inhaling this could lead to serious complications for humans.
5.)ILLNESS THAT CAN BE CAUSED BY WELDING like Pneumonia, Occupational Asthma, Cancer, Metal fume fever, Irritation of throat and lungs, and temporary reduced lung function.

Now that’s a lot of serious complicated risks, but just like any other job, we must face the fact that welding is not really that ideal to our health. If you are a sickly type of person, or you easily get infected, then I’d really suggest that you find some other job to do instead. Remember, your health is very important. There are some safety precautions everyone must take though. No exceptions.




First, every employee or welder must check with a doctor first to see if they are “fit to work”. It is important that before getting into a job, especially one that could potentially damage your health, you are sure that you are not already at risk. Take the vitamins the doctor orders you to take and listen to sound medical advice. If he or she says that working in such a hard condition will not be good for you, then I really suggest that you don’t push it. There are plenty of jobs out there that pay the same without putting yourself more at risk, if you already are.

The next thing you should focus on is your equipment. Is the helmet you are wearing good enough to protect you? How about the gloves you are wearing? Is it thick? Can you freely move your fingers? It is very important that the equipments you are using are able to protect you from any possible injuries. I’d advise you to get a helmet that automatically adjusts to the brightness or darkness of your surroundings so that you won’t have a hard time. It is also important that the clothing or equipments you are using are of top quality. When I say top quality, I am not saying that they have to be super expensive. Just make sure that the protective gear you are wearing are able to protect you. Another thing that you should pay attention to is how comfortable you are when you are using them. Is the helmet you are currently using too heavy and is causing unnecessary neck strains after work? Is your boot too tight and your toes cannot move freely? You see, when a person isn’t comfortable, he or she tends to have limited movements. This could affect the quality and speed of your work.

You should also check the equipments like the torch and the wirings. Make sure that there are not cut or open wirings to prevent accidents or electrocution of yourself and your workmates. Everything should be in perfect condition. If you are in doubt of a tool, don’t use it for now. Get it checked.

And lastly, you should also pay attention to the environment you are working in. Be sure to check if there is enough or adequate ventilation for fresh air to come in. At the beginning of this article, I mentioned that there are some metals that emit poisonous gases when being welded because of the chemical reaction bought about the change. Having great ventilation in a room can help so that the poisonous gases don’t gather or suffocate the room, limiting the oxygen supply.

Please make sure that you at least have an emergency kit available in your work place just in case something happens. Having this could potentially lessen or minimize the damage brought about by the accident. Also ensure that you at least have a fire extinguisher near your work table so that you can put out little fires or little explosives when it happens. It’s better to be prepared at all times. Keep a list of emergency numbers you can call when something happens.
So these are some of the general ways to stay safe while you are doing MIG or TIG or whatever type of welding. Remember, that your health and safety is important in every job that you do. If you are looking for safety gear, you can subscribe to us to get weekly or daily updates or information about it. We also talk about welding techniques and tips to help you in your task. Welding is not a walk in the park, true, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot have any assistance. Be sure to tell your friends about us so that they can learn about informative things too. We also talk about the latest when it comes to the iPhone 6S Plus so if you are interested in that, it’s another reason to subscribe to us. Don’t hesitate to send us a message or leave a comment.