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Weld Tips And Tricks!

Today, we are going to be talking about some of the best weld tips and tricks there is to know! Every welder out there needs to know a little something that will make his welding game a little better than others. Everybody wants tot excel, and standout. We are here to make sure that it will be you. Here are some welding tips and tricks that you should definitely keep in mind:



It has been said that in order for you to be a better welder, you should pay attention to these five basic welding elements:

  • Current setting of your torch or machinery
  • angle of your electrode
  • manipulation of the said electrode
  • speed of travel
  • length of arc

By paying close attention to these five, you will be able to create a good, consistent technique. when we say that you should pay close attention to your current setting we are talking about whether the machine should be set up in DC positive or negative or AC. Be sure to check it and adjust it appropriately to your application. Next, select the amperage according to the eletrode, welding position, and visual inspections of the finished product.  Don’t adjust it too hastily though! Take it at 5 to 10 amps at a time, until the setting you want is reached.

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Also with regards to your safety, before welding, you should always make sure that you have all the equipment that you will be needing. It’s not really a tip but more of a reminder. You should check if the safety equipment that you own are still working properly. For example, if the helmet that you own is an automatic one, then you should check from time to time if it still works properly. The speed of how quickly the shade transitions to light from dimmed or how it is still able to protect your from the intense light that is bought about by the torch.


If you are using a shielding gas, you should keep in mind that the tank ideally is 100% argon or a mixture of CO2 and argon. If you don’t have the  gas, your weld will look a little brown and spattered, and you may even encounter pinholes. The gauges of your gas should be betweek 0 and 2500 PSI in the tank, and the regulator should be set between 15 and 25 PSI.


Don’t open the valve of the gas tanks all the way! This doesn’t improve your flow compared to just opening it a little bit. When an emergency happens, you can quickly shut off the tank.


These aren’t all the weld tips and tricks, so if you want more be sure to subscribe to us or browse around the website. If you subscribe to us, you will be receiving daily alerts about our updates in your e-mail. You will never be the last to know. See you!