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Welder Work Boots

Today, we are going to be talking about some of the best work boots for welders. Having a sturdy boot that you can count on during work hours is a must! In fact, a durable protective boot or shoe is part of the complete set of a worker’s Personal Protective Equipment or PPE for short. There are some insurance companies who refuse to give you a pay out if the employee or worker who got injured lacks even one piece of the PPE.


Let’s take a quick look at some work boots that you can easily purchase from Amazon! Purchasing from Amazon is great since you won’t have to go downtown anymore. You can just get it delivered to your home or your work place if you prefer.

Here are the boots we picked out for today!


    The price range of this boot begins at 65.99 US DOLLARS to 84.95 US DOLLARS! It’s not that expensive, compared to other brands like Timberland and Caterpillar. How is the quality of this boot? The boot has been made from high quality rubber and it comes with a thick rubber sole, as you can probably see in the photo. The shaft of this boot measures approximately 6″ from the arch, and when it comes to protection this boot has been approved for ASTM F2413-05 I/75 C/75. It also comes with a steel toe and a metatarsal shield. That’s double protection for your feet.

    I must mention that this boot also has an approved Electrical Hazard (EH) safety outsole. It is also slip resistant and oil resistant.

    Here are some reviews about it:

    “The boots were pretty stiff at first, took a couple days to loosen up. Pretty good quality but the laces are crap. Buy some better laces and save some aggregation. Mine lasted about two weeks. When the boots came there was a price tag on the box of $49.99 They’re a little slick if you work in a wet area especially wet steel grating or deck plate.” – Budd Moore

    “Very well made, very well metereals, and look great. kind of tricky getting used to lacing them. You will need better laces as the ones that ar supplied with the boots brake easily . Exellent boots. I will continue buying these boots for work as they are RUGGED ……..” – Jodie Kear

    “These are the most comfortable boots I’ve worn in sometime “REALLY” I am wearing them all day and not even thinking that they are on they are so comfortable. Very good buy, Thank you “RHINO”” – Greg

    This boot has been given an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars.

  2. Rocky Men’s Iron Clad Pull-on Steel Work BootIf you are looking for something long, you might like this boot.

    This product is being sold for 69.93 US DOLLARS up to 197.95 US DOLLARS. Yes, it expensive but the original price was at 214.99 US DOLLARS so you will be able to save. And lucky for you, this product has been included on the sale on selected items that’s going on at Amazon. With this said sale, you will be able to select the lower price that’s available on the select options.

    The boot has been made from genuine leather and it comes with a rubber sole. Here, take a good look at the sole.


    It’s really made of high quality and it will be able to protect you in case you step on something that could cause injury or harm to your feet. The boot is also breathable and waterproof. Plus, because the design of the boot is longer (I mean the neck), you can be sure that it’s protection is longer. It also comes with a steel toe protection so it will surely be able to prevent your feet from getting hurt dangerously in case something heavy falls on top of it.

    Here are some reviews about it:

    “Boots are fine except that its a typical pair. The left boot fits fine with a little wiggle room but the right boot fits a little too tight from heel to toe. Also the top of the boot is tight as they dont quite easily slide on. So far they hold up to rain and walking through puddles and mud. Very Comfortable also from the sole support. I would give a 5 star rating but the boots are not quite even in size.” – Eric

    “Comfortable boot I would have given them a 5 start but my heel slips when I walk. The soles are to hard they feel like I’ve cubes also horrible traction when it is cold out side” – D. Olson

    “Seem to run slightly large, but they feel nice. I usually wear lace ups, and this is my first pair of pull-ons in years. I have to say they after a little break in they are nice. A taller shaft would be awesome. These boots are worth every dollar.”  – Philip

    This boot has been given an average rating of 4.0 stars out of 5 stars.

  3. Timberland PRO Men’s 53530 8″ Metguard Steel-Toe BootThe price of this boot ranges from 116.66 US DOLLARS to 200.00 US DOLLARS. It comes with free returns on some sizes and colors if you purchase from Amazon. Here is a picture of it:

    The boot is made from leather and it comes with a very thick rubber sole. It will be able to protect your sole and your whole feet because of the added steel toe and metatarsal guard of the boot. The said metguard is also waterproof so there’s no fear of your feet being soaked. It also comes with an anti-microbial lining membrane from Goodyear. It’s abrasion resistant, slip resistant, and oil resistant. You will feel really comfortable when you are using this shoe since it has been hinged for comfort and it will follow the natural shape of the foot.

    Here are some reviews about it:

    “We bought these for my husband to wear to work.
    I told him to wear them to break them in, but he said the first time he put them on they were comfortable.
    He spends all day on his feet, and he hasn’t complained once of foot discomfort.
    That is worth way more than these boots cost!
    We will buy these again when he needs new ones!” – Hope Coen

    “These boots are awesome! Very high quality, and look to be more than durable enough to take the abuse I put my boots through. Steel toe cap is generously sized and comfortable. This is my first pair of boots to feature metatarsal guards, so I don’t have much frame of reference, but I find them quite comfy. They do slightly impede movement of the ankle; if I squat down far enough, my lower shin rests on the metatarsal guard. I do live production work for a living (think concerts, etc.) and these make me feel safe and comfortable while rolling 600 pound road cases off of trucks. Very pleased with them.

    Pros: tough and durable. Waterproof. Basically armor with a work boot hidden underneath. The added weight probably builds leg muscle. (har har)

    Cons: Heavy. Not as breathable as my last pair of boots, which had gore-tex lining. You may want to keep an extra pair of socks in the car if you’re working a 10+ hour day.

    Pro Tip: replace the laces with 550 paracord.” – Lyric_Hart

    “I bought these boots to replace a pair of old Kmart steel toed boots I had bought back in 1996. These do fit good. They will hurt your feet and ankles if you don’t slowly break these in. I didn’t have the chance to break them in good before using them at work. For the first two weekends at work my ankle was swollen just a little on one side. But these do help protect my feet as I’m work on a press line that makes frame parts for Volkswagen. I do like these. I give these 4 stars because they took so long to break in.” – Paul B. Thomas

    The average rating that these boots got is at 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.


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