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Welders Safety Boots

Quality safety boots are important to a welder, and if you planning to give a pair to a welder you know, we will help you find the perfect pair to purchase. Christmas is only less than ten days ahead and I’m sure that everyone is excited to give and receive at the same time.  Here are some of the best boots that is available in the market:

  1. TIMBERLAND PRO Men’s 53530 8″ Metguard Steel-Toe Boot00001
    This boot is being sold starting at 95.70 US DOLLARS to 200 US DOLLARS. This is perfect for your man especially if he works at an environment that wet.- Made from genuine leather
    – Comes with a thick rubber sole to protect the feet from stepping on something sharp
    – Has a met guard so that it something heavy falls right on your feet, you won’t feel the pain.
    – Waterproof
    – Oil-Resistant
    – Slip-Resistant
    – Comfort inspired design
  2. Michelin Men’s Steel Toe Metatarsal Guard Boots00002
    It looks a little funny, yes, but it’s a very effective boot. It is a little pricey though. The price starts at 154.64 US DOLLARS to 193.95 US DOLLARS.The boot has been made from high quality leather and comes with a distinctive Strobel construction. The out sole is called as the pilot exalto. You would also be quite pleased with this boot as it has an enhanced safety toe protection – this refers to the metatarsal guard. You can be sure that your welder will find this boot comfortable because of the shock absorbent high cushioned mid sole. And not to mention, the Orthotic insole of the boot.

    – Available in colors brown and dark brown only.

  3. CAROLINA – Mens – 6 Inch Board Toe Metatarsal Guard00003From 186.00 US DOLLARS, the price has been reduced to 169.99 US DOLLARS which allows you to safe at leaset 16.01 US DOLLARS. The boot is available in colors brown and harness cork (the one in the photo). This boot is made form rubber, not leather, but the cock harness in the upper part is made from leather. There is also a steel safety toe cap and a steel shank for added protection. This boot is also waterproof so welcome the peace of mind that comes knowing your socks won’t be soaked.- Comfortable thanks to the cushion insole of the boot
    – Electrical Hazard
    – Kevlar Stithcing
    – Comes with a heat resistant out sole


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