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Welders Work Boots

Today we are going to be exploring more work boots options for welders! The correct work boot is an important part of a welder’s uniform. There are some companies who won’t even allow their workers to enter the working area if their PPE isn’t complete. PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. The standard PP consists of an auto-dimming helmet, flame resistant shirt, flame resistant sleeves, leather gloves, jeans/flame resistant pants, and steel toe boots.

So here are some work boots that you should check out!

  • Timberland PRO men’s pitboss 6” steel-toe boot

    You can purchase this item at Amazon at a price range of 85.71 US DOLLARS to 124.99 US DOLLARS. You will be able to avail of their free returns promo, and lucky you, you will also be able to avail of a sale. The said sale will allow you to choose the lower price that’s available on the select options.

    There are two sizes available that you can choose from and these are wide and standard. Aside from that, you are also given four colors to choose from. You can choose between colors black, brown, wheat, and wheat nubuck. This boot is made from 100% leather and it comes with a manmade sole. The shaft of this boot measures approximately 5.5” from the arch, while the heel measures 1.5”. If you notice from the picture below, this boot consists of a lace up leather with tonal stitching. It also has a padded collar for comfort.


Here are some reviews about it:

This is my 3rd pair of these boots, and I use them exclusively for work. They are comfortable to stand in all day, they last me more than a year (which in my line of work is very good) and the steel toes are very helpful, and NOT uncomfortable like in some boots (I can’t even feel the steel). That said, I abuse the heck out of these boots. I work on a mountain doing construction and heavy equipment operation, so they’re in the dirt, the mud, the trees, ditches, moving rocks, etc. I kick the pins in and out of my steel excavator bucket with the toes of these boots. I move rocks inches at a time by kicking them with these boots. I set heavy things on the toes of these boots. The leather on these boots gets covered in moisture wicking materials like clay and concrete, gets wet in the rain and frozen in the snow. After all this abuse, it STILL takes over a year for the boots to start separating from the soles! I defy you to find another boot for UNDER $100 that can do that!” – Jeffrey L. Horton

“I’ve been working in the woods and wearing these boots to perform home improvement projects and they are terrific. They are at home as much chopping wood as working on a ladder. They provide a stable base and are tough as nails. A great product.” – M. Fox – Mc Gregor

On average, this boot has received a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 stars.

  • Thorogood Men’s Composite Safety Steel Toe Gen Flex 804-4445-6 Inch Work Boot

    The price of this boot ranges from 84.99 US DOLLARS to 179.95 US DOLLARS. At Amazon, you will be able to purchase this product and get free returns for it. And just like the first boot, this one is also included in the sale that’s on going Amazon right now. With the said sale, you will be able to select the lowest price available. The boot is a beautiful combination of genuine and synthetic leather. It comes with a thick rubber sole that will surely help keep your footing even on slippery places. Here take a good look at the boot:

    And here are some reviews about it:

    Buy them, Buy them, Buy them. Most comfortable boots I have ever owned. One month down of heavy usage and I am 100% satisfied. No break in required. When I measure my feet using that device in stores, I measure 11.5 and that’s what I bought these are a tiny bit too big but fit great with thick socks. F***ing great pair of boots man!!!!” – Studly Duddly Brilliant Moron

    I have been in the oilfields for nearly thirty years, I have worn anything from Wal-Mart cheapies through high end Red Wings, these boots rival anything I have had on my feet. I wore them for 13 hours the first day, my feet weren’t tired and when I had the chance to sit they felt as though I didn’t have boots on. As for me they run true to size. Also I’m a big boy (340 lbs.) I didn’t gain any blisters from the first day and my feet are not sore at all. I would suggest these boots to anyone in a rough environment; they also look good if you wanted them for everyday wear. I will follow-up in a few months as to their durability in the patch.
    I’ve been wearing these for a couple of weeks now and I must admit they are the most comfortable boots I have ever had at this point, there was no break in period, they have been comfortable sice day one! I have treated them with “Leather Honey” that I also purchased here on Amazon. It too is a great product…
    More than a month later, working in the oilfields, long rough days and my feet stay protected and continually comfortable. These are hands down the best boots I have ever owned. I would recommend them to anyone for any purpose.” – Raza


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