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Welding Boots Justin Review

Today we are going to do a review about two welding boots from Justin. Not Justin Bieber. Have you heard of the Justin brand? The story of Justin Boots began in the year 1879 when it’s founder who was H. J Justin decided to leave Lafayette, Indiana and start a new life at Spanish Fort, Texas. Sometimes, endings are just beginnings to a new chapter. With this move, the simple boot repairman had now mastered the craft of boot making and with that knowledge, he decided to establish his own company. He made one pair of cowboy boots at a time. He made each one with care, attention, and dedication. It was Justin who actually created the original work boot. It was originally meant to be worn by cowboys who wanted to cope with the toughest conditions bought about by their work.


Today, the dedication and attention of the founder can be seen in each pair of Justin Original Work boots. These boots are built from the ground up with top to bottom comfort, that has been designed for dynamic support and stability for any environment. It surely takes protection to a whole new level. As a welder, I’m sure that you will enjoy this boot The company believes that the hardest workers deserve nothing less than a good quality boot.


Amazon is a great place to do some online shopping if you don’t have time to head down to the mall or to the store. You don’t have to leave the comforts of your home or work place just to see different selections from the brand. You can even zoom in on the products. You will be able to receive your order after two to five days tops. You can even have it delivered to a place you prefer, your workplace or your home. It’s so easy! Let’s take a quick look at these boots:


  • Justin Original Work Boots Men’s Double Comfort Work Boot

    The boot is being sold for 159.15 US DOLLARS to 189.95 US DOLLARS. I am happy to say that the product is part of the sale that is happening at Amazon right now, which means that you will be able to purchase the boot at the lower price available on the select options.

    Take a look at this image:

    The color of the boot in the image is Aged Bark. It is also available in colors copper, tobacco, briar, and brown.

    It is made with genuine leather and is truly a product of the United States. Take a look at that thick rubber sole. You won’t be afraid of stepping on any sharp object since you can trust that the sole will protect you. The shaft measures approximately 8.5″ from the arch, while the heel measures approximately 1.5″. The platform of this boot measures approximately 1″.

    You will enjoy it’s lace-up design. Since the it is a cowboy boot, the protection is longer. It will cover above your ankles, which is great.

    The product dimension is 12 x 8 x 4 inches, while the shipping weight is 2 pounds.

  • Justin Original Work Boot Men’s Premium WK Work Boot

    if you want something simple looking, this might be the boot for you. It’s also a bit cheaper too. The price of this boot starts at 98.95 US DOLLARS to 124.99 US DOLLARS. This product is also included in the Amazon sale I mentioned above.

    Here is an image of the boot:

    It is available in that color only, but it doesn’t matter since it’s a great color. The boot is made from 90% leather and 10% cotton, so it’s tough and breathable. As you can see, the rubber sole of this boot is thick as well. It is very capable of protecting you against sharp materials that you may step on.

    It comes with a removable insole and a polyurethane out sole. It also has steel shanks to provide a better support to you.

    The product dimension of this boot is 12 x 8 x 4 inches and the shipping weight is 2 pounds.

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