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Welding Tips And Tricks

So today we are going to be tackling some more welding tips and tricks that every welder – expert or still a newbie – should definitely know about. Knowing a little something more doesn’t mean that you suck at what you do, but it means that you know a few more things and that can never hurt anyone. So let’s get on with it. Here are some tips and tricks that we have gathered for you. We are not experts but we know a few things.


  • Use proper shielding gas. CO2 is a great choice if you are having a hard time penetrating welds on steel. However, you have to keep in mind that CO2 is too hot for metal. Here are some recommended mixtures for you:

    Thinner Steels
    75% ARGON
    25% CO2

    100% ARGON

    Stainless Steel
    33% ARGON
    33% CO2
    33% HELIUM

  • If you are welding thin metals, it would be best if your use a wire that’s smaller when it comes to diameter. If the metal is a bit thicker, then you should definitely switch to a larger wire and a larger machine as well.
  • Before you begin welding, make sure that all your personal protective equipment are complete and are still in a good condition. It is important that you protect yourself in whatever job you are doing. Check if your helmet is good and is still able to protect your eyes against the bright lights. Also check if the helmet you have has respiratory protection with it. Sometimes, there are metals which let out poisonous fumes as a chemical reaction. These are harmful to a person’s health so you have to have protection against it. Also check the comfort of your gloves, if you can move freely and work properly with it, then that’s a good thing. Make sure that you have all the protective gear – the helmet, the sleeves, a welding jacket, welding gloves, and welding boots.
  • It would also be best if you can check the things or areas you have to weld. The metal you are going to be welding, be sure to clean it to get rid of the rust or dust before you welding it. This will result in a much better quality of weld. Also check the wiring on your tools – drills, torches, etc. This could also prevent any accident from happening like electrocution.
  • As I stated above about the poisonous fumes, it would also be best if you can check the ventilation of your work place before you begin to weld. Make sure that air can go in and out of the place so that the fumes won’t accumulate and won’t poison you.


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