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Welding Tips For Beginners

If you are new to welding, you might need to read up on our welding tips for beginners before you start learning the challenging parts. Welding is an art in my opinion. It allows humans to create and fix things which makes them even more beautiful and functional. According to to Merriam-Webster, welding is the process of joining pieces of metal together by heating them (usually around the edges) until they will begin to melt and them you press them together. Another definition from the same dictionary would be to make a connection by welding pieces of metal. So welding makes two things one to make it simple. What are the basic things that you should know before welding?



Keep in mind that you are much more important that any welding material you have or the company you are working for has so you have to look out for yourself. Materials or equipment can be easily replaced, but you or any part of your body won’t be so you have to be careful. Take this advice seriously! Your safety is always first. You are probably aware that there are things that we call as PPE or that’s Personal Protective Equipment. Understandably it is equipment that protects you. Before going in to the welding area, be sure that you have all the PPE necessary and that they are functioning as they should be. You should have the helmet (most welders go for an automatic darkening helmet) that will be able to protect you from the bright light caused by the welding arc, fumes, and radiation that is being emitted. Next, you should have a protection for your upper body. I am referring to a jacket (non-flammable) and if the said jacket isn’t long sleeves, you might want to invest in arm sleeves. You might also want to get yourself some gloves. Leather gloves is great. Of course, let us not forget your lower body – you should be wearing jeans or pants that won’t be easily burned by sparks. Finally, you have to get boots. Most go for steel-toed boots or those with metatarsal guards.

Take note that there are some insurances that won’t give you a reimbursement or a coverage if you were lacking a PPE when the injury happened.



Of course, you also have to be able to know what your machines can or can’t do. Most machines come with a manual that you can read and study before jumping head first into it. I won’t advice you to start welding when you have no basic knowledge on how the machines work. You might accidentally injure yourself or you will just be wasting materials. Listen, you won’t need to purchase the best and most expensive machine to get the most out of your welding experience but you will have to buy one of good quality because you will want that machine to last.

You may also want to learn more about the different welding processes. Yes, there are different welding processes that use different voltages of power and different techniques in doing them. Some processes are better used for a different type of material so if you want to have the best results, you must learn what process you should use on what material. You should also learn basic skills like how to strike an arc and other basic welding techniques before you begin.



Now that you are safe and know the basic when it comes to welding, you can now begin practicing! Don’t forget to clean your material before you start welding. Cleaning a material will also prevent spatter from happening. Remember, that learning will never stop so read up on welding materials and practice. For sure, you will get better and better as you continue.



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