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What Is MIG Welding?

METAL INERT GAS welding, or mostly referred to as MIG welding for short. This type of welding has long been developed since the 1940s, and is somehow considered semi-automated. MIG is when an electric arc forms between a consumable wire electrode and the metal you are welding, which causes them to melt and join together.

The first ones to develop MIG or it is sometimes also called as “Gas Metal Welding Arc” was the Batelle Memorial Institute. This was a private non profit organization that was station in Columbus, Ohio. They concentrate on applied science and technology development. It was H. E. Kennedy who really developed it using a small diameter electrode and a constant voltage power. The process was good since it was able to offer a high deposition rate, sadly the high cost of the inert gases limited it’s use to non-ferrous materials and prevented cost savings. That didn’t stop the people from developing MIG welding though. In the 1950s, carbon dioxide was tried and it was quick to gain popularity because it was economical, or the people were able to save money.

Today, GMAW or MIG welding gas become one of the most popular welding methods, especially when it comes to industrial developments. It has been such a good type of welding when it comes to sheet metal, and the automobile industry.

Things you will need:

  • Welding gun and wire feed unit
  • Tool style
  • A constant power supply
  • Electrode. You should choose the electrode according to the composition of the metal you are welding.
  • Shielding gas. This is necessary, okay? This will be the one that will protect the welding area form atmospheric gases such as nitrogen and oxygen. These gases are known for causing fusion defects, porosity, and weld metal embrittlement if they come in contract with the electrode. It can seriously damage the quality of your finished product.


MIG welding can be a bit dangerous if you do not take the proper precautions. You should wear protective clothing. Protect against what? Electricity, fire, and explosions. Leather gloves are great, and as well as long sleeve 100% cotton jackets. You should also have a helmet to avoid getting what they call the “arc eye”. The arc eye is an inflammation of the cornea that is caused by UV lights. In the long run, a possible burning of your retina may happen, so don’t forget your helmet. Also make sure that you are using something to filter the air you are breathing since the smoke from the welding will produce various types of oxides. The small the particles, the greater the danger that they bring.

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