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Where In The Bible Did Ramesses Threatened to Cut Off Moses’ Sister’s Arm

If you find yourself wondering about where in the Bible did Ramesses threaten to cut off Moses’ Sister’s arm, then let me tell you that in the Bible, it did not happen. There wasn’t any threat to Moses’ sister named Miriam. If you have watched the movie “Exodus: Gods and Kings”, then that scene happened there when Moses found out that he wasn’t an Egyptian Prince. Miriam was called to the court to be interrogated about the matter, but she refused to be agreeable to the Pharoah, who in the movie was Ramesses. So then the Pharaoh, Ramesses, threatens to cut off her arm but Moses immediately came to her rescue and revealed to everyone that he was indeed a Hebrew. He was exiled from Egypt.

In the Bible the story of Moses began under the rule of an unknown Pharaoh, who was threatened because of the abrupt increase in number of the Israelites, who were at that time slaves to the Egyptians. He was afraid because he knew that he was mistreating them, and he was afraid that a revolt would happen. The Egyptians were going to be outnumbered if ever it happened, and it would mean defeat for him. To prevent this, he ordered everyone to kill a newborn Israelite baby if it was a boy, but be allowed to live if it was a girl.


The Israelites have been living under the harsh ruling of the Egyptians for over four hundred years. It was a famine that forced the Israelites to move to Egypt because of Joseph. If you are familiar with your Bible stories, you will remember Joseph as the adviser of a Pharaoh, who had dreams with regards to the said famine. It is because of his dreams that saved Egypt and the Israelites from suffering from extreme hunger. Years passed after Joseph died though, the current Pharaoh didn’t really care about what Joseph did and for his people, so he made the order to rule over the Israelites more strictly because of his fear of being overpowered.  The Israelites were forced to work twice as hard, to build cities, and to give the Egyptians large portions of their crops.


That didn’t stop there, this said Pharaoh also gave order to kill every newborn boy, but to let the girls live. The mother of Moses was a Levite woman, who didn’t want her son to be killed so she tried to hide him inside her home for three long months, before she decided that she couldn’t do so any more. This lead her to make the painful decision of putting the child in a woven basket and taking him to the Nile river. She hid him among the reeds and lilies. The Levite woman had a daughter, Miriam, who was already 12 years old at that time, so she asked her daughter to stick around and see what would happen to the baby.


Then the most unexpected thing happened, the daughter of the Pharaoh decided to take bath at the Nile River. She happened to spot the basket and ordered one of her servants to bring it to her. When they opened it, they were surprised to find a baby. The princess took her as her own. I believe she spotted Miriam, who was standing there at the sides, and ordered her to look for a Hebrew woman to take care of the baby. Miriam immediately went and called her mother. This baby was named “Moses” as “I drew him out of the water.”



Although Moses was sort of adopted by the Egyptian princess, he was raised with Hebrew values and love for God because of his biological mother, who was disguised as a simple nurse.  Moses learned so much as a son of a princess, but he loved the Hebrews and felt strongly that they were being mistreated. One time, Moses was walking around some construction site in Egypt when he saw an Egyptian soldier hurting a helpless Hebrew. Moses immediately ran to help and ended up killing the Egyptian soldier. He buried the body and pretended that nothing happened. The next day, Moses gathered wind that some of the Hebrews were now made aware of what he had done so, in fear of being found out, he ran to Midian.

In Midian, as he was resting near a well, a couple of women came to gather water for their father’s flock. Moses immediately helped them. When the girls returned to their father, they told him of the man who helped them water their flock. Reuel, the father, invited Moses to his home, and in a few days, he gave his daughter, Zipporah, as Moses’ wife. They had a child called Gershom. The pharaoh from who Moses was running away from had died, but the Israelites slavery didn’t. They cried out to God for help, so God decided that it was time to talk to Moses.


Ever heard of the story of the burning bush?

This was when God talked to Moses and told him to go back to Egypt and help free the Israelites from slavery. With his wife and son, Moses obediently went back to Egypt and met with his brother, Aaron, on the way there. Together they faced the Pharaoh. As the Lord has said, the Egyptians didn’t let them go because they couldn’t afford to lose their slaves, and this was the time that Moses performed the Plagues of Egypt.


So yes, that’s the real story of Moses according to the Bible, and the event wherein Ramesses threatened to cut of arm of Moses’ sister, Miriam, happened in the movie – “EXODUS: Gods And Kings”.  Hopefully, this short article has helped clarified your confusion or questions. If you have anymore questions about anything at all, please feel free to send us a message or leave us a comment down below. You can also subscribe to us to be able to get a daily alert in your e-mail every time we post something new! See you again!