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Why Is Making A Good Weld Important

WELDING is the process of joining together two pieces of metal by melting them with the use of either fire or electricity. If you are welding as a profession, I am assuming that you have long been aware of the importance of maintaining a certain quality in your finished products. In welding, especially in a business, no costumer wants to receive low quality welds for a high price. They want to get the most they can with the price that they pay. If for example you welded a stool for them, a low quality stool would not be as comfortable to sit on and would easily be broken. Everybody wants to get the best for themselves! And if you produced a bad product for your costumer, you may lose him or her. Why should he or she waste more time and money on you when he or she can just go to someone who can offer her something much better?


If you always provide great weld quality for your costumers, you are not only giving them the satisfaction that they crave but you are at the same time, cultivating the trust between your business relationship. Don’t forget that the word of business, the relationship between you and your costumers should always be put first. Never think too much of yourself. You are not irreplaceable; your costumers are. They can simply transfer from one welder to another until they find the one who can satisfy them. However, losing a costumer is bad. Dissatisfied costumers would usually be too pissed about the situation that they would opt to tell someone about it. If you continue losing costumers, your business could go down. I’m sure that you do not want this to happen, so take care of your costumers’ trust in you, that you can deliver the best welds for them.


Okay, so if you are ready to begin welding, it is time to gather the things you will be needing. You need to check and secure your safety gear or some refer to this as PPE which means Personal Protective Equipment. Satisfying costumers is important, but so is your health. If you come across a time where the company you are working for doesn’t seem to be thinking of your well-being then maybe it’s time to move on. Your health is your greatest investment in anything. If you are sick, you cannot work thus you will have no salary.


The safety gears you will be needing are the:

• HELMET. You can choose between passive or automatically darkening helmets. Most opt for the auto darkening helmet, even if it’s a bit on the heavy side, since it is easy and uncomplicated to use. You just need to put it over your head and begin welding. You should do a quick test run to make sure that it’s properly working. You don’t want to find out too late.

Also, I’d advice you to go for helmets that aren’t too heavy to be worn around for extended periods of time.


• GLOVES. Since you will be actively using your hands for this job, make sure that you are wearing gloves before you begin. These are made from different materials, and choosing the type of gloves to use, all goes back to the type of steel that you are working on.


• SLEEVES. The purpose of this is to protect your arms from heat and stray sparks. You could get electrocuted here but you can preven it by wearing gloves!


•  SHOES. Let’s not disregard your lover extremities just because they are at the bottom. This position could potentially harm your feet since it’s mostly staying still in the same position, due to something  falling on your foot and injure it accidentally. Same with the helmet – same with every piece of safety gear really – you should choose comfort all the time. There  are also shoes there that have steel-toe for an added protection just in case something heavy fall off the table.


As I said above, the materials you use are important. You should be comfortable with using them because you will be for long periods of time. Plus, since you aren’t so bothered about your outfit, you can concentrate and give you hundred and ten percent effort into the task. This could lead to a neat, higher quality finished product.


That’s not all though. Before you begin, make sure that you check the metal that you are going to be welding. Make sure that it is clean and free of dust and rust,  as these could also affect the quality of your finished product. You want to give the best for your costumers. Don’t settle for being the second best.



You should also check the wiring and tubes of the equipment that you will be using. Is your torch working perfectly? Are there no wiring defects or problems? Make sure that there are no leaks happening, especially with the gas since it is flammable. You don’t want a little explosion on the building to happen. And lastly, before you cna begin welding, you should also check if the welding area is clean. And clear up any flammable stiff that is near your area. You don’t want to accidentally cause an explosion or a small fire. Keeping a extinguisher near you would also be very helpful.


And now you can begin. You should already have a vision of what you want to achieve so you won’t have a hard time thinking or gathering ideas. This also means less mistakes for you. Make sure that to read the instructions, if there is any, so that you will be exerting effort on the right task. You don’t want to be wasting metal, electricity, and your energy when the mistake could have been avoided in the first place.


Don’t worry though, if you keep messing up during the first months. It’s only natural and your body might still be adjusting. If you keep on practicing and studying to upgrade your knowledge about welding. In no time, you will be considered as one of the top students.


Practice makes perfect.