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Wolverine Men’s Raider Durashocks Steel Toe Eh Work Boots Review

Today’s product review is all about Wolverine Men’s Raider Durashocks Steel Toe EH Work Boots. Finding the perfect work boot is as important as finding the best helmet and working gloves. It may not seem much, but protecting your feet from harm while you are welding is a big deal. Without your feet, it may be hard for you to go to work and move around. I think we all understand how hard it is if our feet is somehow compromised by a sprain or a fracture. If you’ve never experienced one, then don’t ask for it.


You will need a boot that will actually be there to help keep your feet safe from harm like accidentally stepping on a sharp object which can puncture your feet and cause infection. Infections will also need to be treated which is going to cause you money by going to the doctor and buy medications or antibacterial ointments. If by some freak accident, something heavy falls on your feet and your boot isn’t enough to protect it, you could injure the little bones in your feet and you will need to be immobilized for a few days to let them heel. That means going to the doctor again, spending money, and not being able to report for work.


You can prevent all of that with a good quality boot, and it could be from Wolverine. Here is an image of the boot that we will review today:



The original price of this boot was at 184.95 US DOLLARS, but if you make the purchase from Amazon, you will be able to get the boot at a starting price of 114.99 US DOLLARS to 180.95 US DOLLARS. This is an original product, not a Class A. That is assured. The boot is made from thick high quality leather that won’t easily crack and discolor, and it comes with a synthetic hard sole.


As a special feature, it comes with a Durashock shock absorbing compression pads that have been molded in the outsole of the boot. There are also some moisture managing mesh linings inside, so you don’t have to worry about foot odor too much. And moisture also encourages the growth of bacteria, which is not something that we all want. You can remove and have the full cushion foot bed cleaned from time to time.


With this boot, your feet will be warm, dry, and comfortable all day long – even through the longest work days. I must also mention that the boots are waterproof and have an insulating feature that can help keep your feet toasty and warm. It also comes with a steel toe protection to keep heavy objects from crushing your feet in case they fall. Surely, this is a boot from Wolverine that will not disappoint.




In fact, here is what a customer thought about the boots after he or she made the purchase:


“Ok so these boots are grate but the size chart sucks so I’ll give you my chart lol I where an 11.5 in nikes so I got the same size I figred they wouldn’t be right but I didn’t think they would be sooooo freaking big!! I would say if you where 11.5 in nikes go with a 11 and so on from there. They feel good on my feet and are not to right and not too loose now that I have the right size. So keep this chart in mind when you buy!!!” — Amazon Customer



How about you? What do you think of these boots? Would you get them for yourself or for someone you love?


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