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Wolverine Men’s Steel Toe Wellington Work Boots Review

Today we are going to do a short review about Wolverine Men’s Steel Toe Wellington Work Boots! I know you’ve often heard of boots that come with a steel toe, a metatarsal guard, or a composite toe guard. These are protective additions to the boot of a welder in order to provide… well, protection to the feet in case something heavy falls on top of the welders feet. Even if our feet is far away from the welding arc, because it is the hands which are closer to it, the chances of our feet being injured is still possible. If our feet is injured, it would be hard for us to go to work and perform to the best of our ability. That’s why a safety work boot is important. It is important enough to be officially considered as a part of the Personal Protective Equipment of a welder or a construction worker.


Now, I’m sure that we are all pretty busy trying to balance our work and life schedules that sometimes having to balance the two, so to make things easier for you there are online shops like Amazon. Many people trust the quality of the products at Amazon because they are really good. They follow a quality standard. You can zoom in on pictures of products so you can see the details on the product you are interested in. You can also pay online, and have the product delivered to your chosen address.


Let’s take a look at the Wolverine boot.



The price of this boot starts at 58.90 US DOLLARS to 149.99 US DOLLARS. This boot is available in colors black (the one in the photo), tan, and brown. The boot is made with leather as you can see in the picture. The rubber sole of the boot is also thick so you can be sure that it will keep the sole of your feet safe in case you step on something that is sharp. I must also mention that the boot comes with a removable full cushion insole, and that it has been fully unlined. The Goodyear welt construction will also help keep the boot intact for the many years to come. The mesh linings inside the boot will also keep a check on the moisture content of your feet. This will help prevent foot odor from developing.


For sure this boot will give your feet the royal treatment that they deserve. You can trust on Wolverine because it is a brand that seeks to built a reputation all over the world as it’s most comfortable shoes and boots. The exteriors of the boots are tough as nails to keep you protected, but inside is an all day comfort. This brand was established in Rockford, Michigan in the year 1883. It has become an iconic American brand that combines superior materials with timeless craftsmanship. These boots have been built to withstand the toughest of environments and provide an all day comfort, as I have said above. Now Wolverine has been leading the industry with their relentless commitment to innovate and their patented technologies.


Here is a customer’s review about the boots:


“I wear these everyday. I operate equipment and hard labor. You need good thick socks because these are not lace ups! You also need to pull your socks up tight before you try to put them on or take them off. They slip right on or off after that,or you’ll have a real tough time like the guy above. Your socks will probably fall down around your ankles during your day, and the boots will slap your calves like cowboy boots. I use leather milk on them and they stay waterproof. I live in western Washington it’s always wet. These are great boots” —- Good Stuff



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