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Women’s Steel Toed Boots

Today we are going to be exploring some women’s steel toed boots. Times have made women more dynamic than they were before. Now, they are able to take jobs that were once meant only for men. Women need protection too so here are some boots suited for the women in our lives.

  • Safety Girl II Steel Toe Waterproof Womens Work Boots

    If you want something affordable but still of good quality, Safety Girl is your one way street. The boots below are being sold for only 48.95 US DOLLARS to 59.94 US DOLLARS. It comes with a thick man made sole which you will notice for yourself in the photo below. These boots are durable and sturdy. There’s a waterproof membrane that can be found in the interior part of the boot. They come with black laces, but there’s also pink laces available.

    Here are some reviews about it:

    “I bought these since I sometimes have to go to construction sites for work. I liked the waterproof aspect as the sites are often muddy. I recently went to the ocean and was going to do some hiking and it was raining so I decided to wear these. I didn’t expect much since they were relatively cheap. They were very comfortable and I had no issues. What inspired me to write this review was the waterproof-ness of them. I was standing on the shore and a wave came up and I couldn’t get out of the way in time. The water washed up over my feet and soaked the bottoms of my jeans. My feet, however, stayed completely dry. Standing in the ocean and my feet stayed dry. Later however, the surf came up higher over the tops of the boots and I got wet. As expected. I docked off one star since the insole that came with them were terrible and I had to get better insoles so I wouldn’t be in agony when standing. And they make my feet look big. But my feet are big so that’s not really the fault of the shoe. They did run a bit big but that hasn’t been an issue. I can wear thick socks or thin socks either way they stay on and don’t move around. But the waterproof-ness is great! All around the shoes are great and a bargain. Totally recommend.” – Amazon Customer

    “A bit big so thicker socks are needed along with some insoles.” – Debbie

    The average rating that this product received is at 4.1 stars out of 5 stars.

  • Timberland PRO Women’s Titan Waterproof Boot

    This boot is being sold at 58.28 US DOLLARS to 155.95 US DOLLARS. It comes with free returns on sizes if you purchase from Amazon. It has been made from high quality leather and it comes with a thick rubber sole that will surely protect your feet from stepping on anything sharp. It doesn’t matter if you are going to be working for long periods of time, you won’t feel any strain from this boot because it’s very light weight. The padded collar also adds comfort to the boot. For protection, you can count on the steel toe to keep your feet safe from harm.

    Here are some reviews about it:

    “These boots were purchased for use around horses in the pasture and stable. They were comfortable right out of the box. Not the “soft pillow” kind of comfortable, but just a “perfect fit with no discomfort whatsoever” kind of comfortable. They feel sturdy, but no breaking in of the boots (or feet!) were required. Also, they support the ankles nicely without feeling tight or restrictive. They felt a little heavy at first, but within minutes of walking they were hardly noticeable.

    They ran true to my normal size in most shoes, but having bunions, many shoes can be unbearable if they’re too narrow. Medium, B US in this boot fit perfectly.

    I like the length of the laces; just long enough to easily tie a double knot without having a lot of extra lace dangling. Also, these have the type of laces that don’t loosen up and come undone while you’re walking.

    A horse hasn’t stepped on the toe yet, so I can’t attest to how well this safety toe will hold up to that. I also haven’t stepped in a deep puddle to fully test the waterproofing; however having walked through mud, horse manure and tall, wet grass & weeds, the waterproof liner wasn’t breached. Debris doesn’t seem to get trapped in the ridges on the bottom of the boots, either, so clean up is quick and easy with a damp rag.

    The picture, including the color, is 100% true to life. Even though these are steel toed work boots, I think they’re very handsome. I highly recommend these boots – they’re well made and worth every penny!” -PT Cruiser

    “This is a great boot! Most important, it’s comfortable. I’ve worn other safety toe boots that were aweful. With the Timberland you can’t feel the toe enclosure and the foot bed is very soft yet supportive. Also, the waterproof factor has been put to the test and has passed with flying colors; dry socks all round! The only con is that I would like to see the laces just a bit longer.” – Moodgirl

    The average rating that this boot received is currently at 4.6 stars out of 5 stars.





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