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Work Boots Steel Toe Metatarsal

if you are looking for more protection than just steel toe caps, you might want to check out some work boots that comes with steel toe and metatarsal protection. Steel toe boots are enough protection, but if you are looking for more and you believe that steel toe boots aren’t capable of it anymore, then take a quick look at these boots!

  1. DR. MARTENS MEN’S IRONBRIDGE MG ST Steel-Toe Met Guard Boot

    The price of this product ranges from 118.57 US DOLLARS up to 154.95 US DOLLARS. You can expect that this boot will fit your feet at around 90%. If you purchase from Amazon, you will be able to get free returns when it comes to some sizes and colors.

    This boot is available in colors Teak (the one in the photo) and black. It’s made from high quality leather and a manmade sole. You can be sure that this boot will keep your feet warm and dry because of the water-resistant feature it has. It comes with a mesh padded collar for additional comfort. It is slip resistant to oil, fat, petrol, and alkali with a standard wood shank.

    This boot has received at average of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

    Here is a review about it:

    “These are the 4th time I have bought these boots in the past 5 years. The only reason I didn’t buy them 5 years in a row is cause the pair I had finally wore out and had no choice but to purchase another pair. I find these Boots to be very comfortable on my feet as I am on them pretty much all day when working. I like the way the look and feel. My opinion and mine only is that these are by far the best work boot I have evr put on my feet.” – mark Winchester

  2. Timberland PRO Men’s 53530 8″ Metguard Steel-Toe Boot

    The price of this product ranges from 115.34 US DOLLARS to 200.00 US DOLLARS.  You can expect this boot to fit at about 90%. It is made from genuine high quality leather with a thick rubber sole that can surely protect your feet from any sharp objects that you might step on. Just like the first boot, this boot will also help in keeping your feet dry and warm no matter the conditions that you are currently working in. Plus, this boot is also very comfortable with durable cushions.

    Here is a review about it:

    “These boots are awesome! Very high quality, and look to be more than durable enough to take the abuse I put my boots through. Steel toe cap is generously sized and comfortable. This is my first pair of boots to feature metatarsal guards, so I don’t have much frame of reference, but I find them quite comfy. They do slightly impede movement of the ankle; if I squat down far enough, my lower shin rests on the metatarsal guard. I do live production work for a living (think concerts, etc.) and these make me feel safe and comfortable while rolling 600 pound road cases off of trucks. Very pleased with them.

    Pros: tough and durable. Waterproof. Basically armor with a work boot hidden underneath. The added weight probably builds leg muscle. (har har)

    Cons: Heavy. Not as breathable as my last pair of boots, which had gore-tex lining. You may want to keep an extra pair of socks in the car if you’re working a 10+ hour day.

    Pro Tip: replace the laces with 550 paracord.” – Lyric_Hart


    If you already have a boot that you love, but you’d just like to add another set of protection for it, you can always for for a metguard attachment. This product is being sold for 36.99 US DOLLARS but at Amazon, you can purchase it at 25.50 US DOLLARS. You will be able to save 11.49 US DOLLARS.

    A lot of people are going for this because they already have a boot that they refuse to throw out, plus it’s cheaper compared to buying a another set of boots when you can just attach it. Check out your boot though, if there’s some way that you can attach this without it falling.

    Here is a review about it:

    “I can’t feel them at all on my shoes. So far they have protected my feet from smaller items that have been dropped on them. They may look ridiculous but they work really well. Edited to add 09/04/2013 – Six months in, I’ve dropped 45+ pounds of steel onto these (while wearing them) multiple times without any ill effect. The guards still look fairly new and have little to no damage. Edited to add (03/06/2015) Nearly two years later these guards have seen numerous drops of 40+ lbs (steel) and are still going strong without any cracks, chips, or breaks. I’ve recc’d these to several other workers and truck loaders.” – Amazon Customer


Which one is better for you? Would you purchase another boot or just buy a metatarsal attachment?

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