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Today we are going to be talking about steel toe cowboy boots that you can also use for welding. It may not look like it but cowboy boots provide a lot of protection for your feet because it’s longer when it comes to covering. They are also quite stylish to look at as well, and you will be able to use them for events or occasions other than welding. sessions.

Interested? Here are some cowboy steel toe boots for you!

  1. ARIAT Men’s Sierra Wide Square Toe Steel Toe Puncture Resistant Work Boot

    If you don’t purchase from Amazon, you will be able to purchase this boot at 179.95 US DOLLARS, despite the size that you will be buying. However, at Amazon, the price ranges from 91.13 US DOLLARS to 164.95 US DOLLARS. And more good news, if you purchase this product from Amazon, you can avail of the on going sale which allows you to select the lower price on the select options.

    This boot is made from genuine leather and it comes with a Durathread(TM) sole. The shaft of this boot measures approximately 10″ from the arch, and the heel measures approximately 1.5″. The boot opening measures approximately 13.5″ around. This boot is great for people with big toes because of the wide square toe profile that this boot has. I also have to mention that this boot is puncture resistant and also comes metal free SWEN-FLEX insole board.

    Here are some reviews about it:

    “Great boots” – Jose Aguirre

    “Fit great and very comfortable for a steel-toe boot.” – Mr. Jay

    “Nice boots, but the stitching on the upper part of the boot came undone. As I wear these boots every day, I had to make a quick stitch repair myself. Doesn’t look great, but at least I can wear them.” – Craig

    On average, this boot received a 4.5 stars out of 5 stars rating.

  2. Justin Original Work Boots Men’s Jmax Logger Steel TE Steel Toed Work Shoe

    At Amazon, the price of this boot ranges from 249.00 US DOLLARS to 295.99 US DOLLARS, and it also comes with free returns on some sizes and colors. Just like the first product, this boot is included with the sale which allows you to choose the low price that is available on the select options. You can be sure that this boot is made from a hundred percent leather, and is a proud product of the United States of America.

    Notice that thick sole! That thickness will surely protect your feet from getting injured from stepping on something sharp. The call this sole the lug-sole. The shaft of this boot measures approximately 10.5″ from the arch. The heel measures approximately 2.25″, and lastly, the platform measures approximately 1″. This is a perfect welding boot if you are looking for something use for work. The boot is protective, and it is also waterproof. This will protect your socks from getting soaked, and it will also help protect you from getting electrocuted.

    Unlike the first one, this boot is not really great for people with big wide toes because the shape of this boot’s steel toe is round.

    Here are some reviews about it:

    “I just received my order just a little while ago, the boots are amazing.. even better looking than pictured! I have had Chippewa Super Loggers which are my next 2nd favorites now… but these are just so awesome!! Cant wait to start wearing them.. Im sure that these will be able to take a lot!! Thanks Justin for a pair of awesome boots!!!!!” – B

    “While I really do like theses boots. I am either really hard on my boots or I just had higher expectations for them. guess in the end they do what they are designed for and that protecting my feet. many many times I come home and find new cuts and gashes in them that I can not explain.
    The one thing I dislike is the brass eyelet’s, they bend way to easy and I am always afraid they will break off.
    Come Christmas time I will order another pair for the next year and this pair will go for playing in the mud.” – Jesse n Garcia

    The average rating of this boot is currently at 4.8 stars out of 5 stars.

  3. Tony Lama Boots Men’s Steel Toe Lacer TW2004 Work Boot

    Outside of Amazon, you will be able to purchase this boot for 194.99 US DOLLARS, but at Amazon, you have a price range of 70.17 US DOLLARS to 169.95 US DOLLARS. The price will depend on the size you will purchase. Also, more good news, this boot is also included in the sale that’s currently going on which allows you to choose the lowest price available on the select options.

    This boot is made from imported leather that perfectly combines with a protective rubber sole that is surely thick enough to keep your feet from getting injured in case you step on any sharp objects. This boot is known for it’s lightweight comfort, flexibility, and durability. You will feel really good when wearing this boot. It won’t add any additional stress to your feet in times of overtime, and there’s also a EVA cushioned midsole that will add comfort to your feet.

    Here are some reviews about it:

    “We have a small family farm and I had purchased some of these boots for my husband. I then decided if they were good enough for the gander, they were good enough for the goose! I could not find boots like these in women’s and Amazon doesn’t have a size that was actually small enough, but I purchased the smallest they had and decided to wear a thick pair of socks or two. When I put them on, they were kind of stiff where the laces go around your ankle. However, after about ten minutes they loosened up and I had to tighten the laces and immediately they were comfortable! No having to break them in, the arch is extremely supportive…I love them! I think I need to write to Tony Lama to let them know women like a hard working boot too!” – Soozer61

    “My husband has bought a pair before and been really pleased with the way they fit and wear. Most shoes he wears tend to wear out in the soles because of the way he walks, but these hold up really well.

    I actually ordered one pair for my husband and one of the boots had a seam in it that wasn’t right and was putting pressure on his foot every time he kneeled. But I contacted Amazon and they sent UPS to pick up the boots and shipped me a new pair, no charge or hassle. I actually did everything online, and did not even have to call anyone. It was great. The new boots fit perfectly with no problems. I am very happy.” – Dakota

    The average rating of this boot is at 4.7 stars out of 5 stars.

  4. Goodyear Phoenix 6″ Men’s Steel Toe Work Boots Leather

    The original price of this boot was at 140.00 US DOLLARS which is quote far from the price it is being sold for at Amazon which is at 79.99 US DOLLARS. Aside from a lesser price, purchasing this boot from Amazon also means that you can avail of the free shipping and free returns.

    There’s only five boots left in stock today so go and get yourself one.

    It looks like real leather, doesn’t it? But the truth is, it’s made from tough synthetic material, and it comes with a lug sole, The thick rubber sole will also help the user of the boot maintain balance regardless of whatever type of pavement that he or she is currently standing on. But, I have to mention that not all parts of this boot is made from rich genuine leather in the upper part. The height of this boot measures approximately 6″, while the hell of this boot measures approximately 1.25″. The boot is also slip and oil resistant.

    The shaft opening of this boot is at around 6″.

    Sadly, there’s no rating and comments for this boot yet. You could be the first one to do so!




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