Custom Design Welding Helmets

Are you looking for some custom designed welding helmets? Everyone somehow wants to express themselves with the use of their things and there is nothing wrong with that. In a way, somehow the things we purchase should make us happy and content that we purchase them. If you are bored with a plain looking welding helmet, the next best option for you would be to purchase a custom made welding helmet. With this type of welding helmet, you will be able to choose the design that you like and hopefully, as a result, it will make you excited and perk you up during work.


Amazon is a great place to do some online shopping. They have a lot of choices that you can browse page by page. You can zoom their images and take a closer look at the product you are going to buy. You can do it during your free time, pay for the product online, and then have it delivered to the address that you want. There’s no need for you to travel or commute just to purchase a single product. There are some sellers who shoulder that shipping fee, but there are some that don’t. Generally, Amazon offers a free shipping when your total purchase exceeds 49.00 US DOLLARS. Let’s take a look at this welding helmet below:


  • Urparcel Welding Helmet – Flames / Skull – Auto Darkening Solar/ C. P. S.

    You can purchase this welding helmet for 16.99 US DOLLARS but you will have to add 5.49 US DOLLARS for the shipping fee. It is currently in stock so if you want to make the purchase, you can add it to your cart.

    Here is an image of the product:

    What do you think about it? You can change the skull design if you want to. This is an automatic welding helmet. By automatic, it means that the lens darken on its own when it senses the bright welding arc. The welding helmet is powered by the sun so there’s no fear that it will run out of battery – just make sure that you expose it to the sun. That being said, it’s great for outdoor usage than indoors.

    Here is what a customer thought about the welding helmet after making the purchase:

    “I bought this hood (slightly older model) at the local farm and home for $100 (sure wish id have checked amazon lol) ive now used it for 4 semesters at school. it looks good on the surface. of course decals are top notch (lol), 4 sensors, and adjustable shades. I have used it for stick for 2 semesters and it worked great. but when I moved to tig it started to mess up. basically it would darken fine but it would randomly open up and I could see the arc getting brighter and brighter. also there are tiny gaps around the cover lens and splatter will find its way in and stick to the lens. this happens over a very long period of time however. recently the sensitivity has gone downhill and must be turned all the way up to register. I have ordered a new hood to protect my eyes because im young with 20/20 vision and would like to keep it that way. but nonetheless this is a great cheap hood that worked great for what I needed. I would recommend for someone first getting into welding, so you wont drop a boat load of cash on a hood in case welding’s not your thing (the first and second welding classes I took had a drop out rate of about 50%) or just a small time hobby welder that tinkers with stuff on the weekends. if you are really serious I would go with a nice hood that will last a lot longer like a Lincoln Viking, miller digital elite, or if you want the best of the best, a speedglass. hope this helps!” —- Adam Babrakzai

    The welding helmet has been given an average rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 stars.

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