Lincoln Welding Jackets

I think that lincoln welding jackets are very helpful! If you never wore this kind of jacket, then one could easily think that you have never done no heavy welding. When doing heavy duty welding you are going to want to wear this jacket. Why? Well because for one you know there are going to be sparks on over the place! So that should give you enough reason on why, but I am going to be getting into a little more details later on.

lincoln welding jacket

Since protection is a must for welders jackets have come into style. I know a lot of people who do not use welding jackets, but is that a good thing or a bad thing? It is definitely not the best thing for the individual. Just like everything else there are cons against welding. One of them including not wearing welding jackets.

The simplest form that I can put it is that it going to cause skins problems or that what at least I think. I think that because a friend of mines did not wear his jacket while he was doing some TIG welding for about a week or so. To his surprise his skin started to peel off of his arms. It was so not the best image to look at.

Out welding instructor did not know he was doing any kind of welding without his jacket. The welding instructor instructed that he should start back welding with his sleeves on. After I saw all of what could happen and how that small situation could affect a person future, I always wore mines as a personal safety! As you can see there are risks and I do not tell people things just for saying.

It is better to be safe now then to suffer later! Welding jackets are important. If you do not like to wear them in the summer, you can easily get some sleeves that are light weight. Sleeves cuts the weight in half. They provide just as much protection as the jacket.


Wearing the jacket in the winter time provides more warmth to you. Wearing the sleeves in the summer keeps some of the heat off of you. You can switch them up for style. Add a welding hat to prevent sparks from reaching the top of your head. You do not want a fire to start up there. Even though that is a very rare place where a fire can start.


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