Tillman Brown Leather Welding Jacket

Tillman Brown Leather Welding Jacket

Welding is highly hazardous activity and calls for safety jackets while working. The range of jackets designed specifically for use during welding are called welding jackets, which are heavy and intended to protect welders’ body from debris and sparks. Though there are many brands and non-branded products, buying from a reputed brand though turns out costly, could be worth the extra dollars spent in the longer run. Branded products are always better, since reputed brands do everything to ensure their brand image is maintained and hence, the products are topnotch. As for welding jackets, what’s a better choice than Tillman Brown Leather Welding Jacket?


Tillman has carved a niche for itself and all its products are of high quality and unique. There are a few options when considering Tillman for welding jackets, with the brown one being most popular. The Dark Brown Premium Side Split Cowhide Jacket is affordable and chosen by many. It comes with one soapstone pocket on both sleeves, an additional external pocket for storage and Raglan Sleeve that’s give satin lining for easier movement. Tillman Brown Leather Welding Jacket is also sewn with Kevlar thread, for durability.


Tillman Brown Leather Welding Jacket is modified a bit, and the back is done with Indura Stretch fabric, giving ultimate freedom for moving around. Besides, the cowhide is treated to withstand heat and the dark color ensures dirt or stains aren’t prominent. However, the flexible back material can’t withstand welding temperature, so care should be taken at all times.


Caring for Tillman Brown Leather Welding Jacket is tricky. Besides, welding is a highly strenuous and tough task. There are times when the jacket gets dirty or stained. When it is not cleaned, overtime, it can become stiff reducing flexible movement, or stink and make working with it difficult. Knowing how to clean them can ensure the jackets last longer. With this you would know that welding steel tips and tricks are simple.


Leather cannot be washed directly. Besides, with time, leather tends to promote mold growth. Using a rug dipped in warm water can help clean the jacket. However, ensure the rug is squeezed and excess water is removed, before using it to wipe the jacket. Mild soap could be used on dirty or stained areas, rubbed and then wiped off using the rug. When the Tillman Brown Leather Welding Jacket has mold, it’s a good idea to use alcohol to clean it first, before applying soap or using the rug to wipe it off.


It’s a good idea to give Tillman Brown Leather Welding Jacket for professional cleaning every now and then. It will ensure the jacket is clean and also, enhance its lifetime. Since leather tends to soak up water and crack when excess water is absorbed, always use a squeezed wet rug that’s dipped in warm or cold water only. After cleaning off the jacket, using a sealant spray can help enhance the look of the jacket and also protect it from adverse weather conditions. Leather is a costly and highly sophisticated material. Treating it with care is the only way to ensure your Tillman Brown Leather Welding Jacket lasts longer and looks good all the way. Click the picture below for more information.

6 thoughts on “Tillman Brown Leather Welding Jacket

  1. For welding clothes, these are actually pretty nice looking. I know it’s not their main function but certainly a nice plus.

    1. Thanks Meredith. I thought they were unique when I first saw one. I actually thought that they were really cool and could not wait to get into one.

  2. The jacket looks real sporty and shouldn’t cost too much to have it professionally cleaned once per week. For $68, it looks like a great value, too. If I had a loved one who was a welder, I’d buy four of them as a gifts so he/she could change wear one of them one week, while the other was being cleaned, or something like that.

    1. I would rather wear the complete jacket than a pair of sleeves. Then again I could use the sleeves for light welding. They sure can come in handy for someone who is looking for a welding jacket. It gives you all the protection you would need for welding.

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