Justin Men’s Stampede 11″ Steel Toe Western Work Boots Review

Our article for today is going to be a short but comprehensive review about Justin Men’s Stampede 11″ Steel Toe Western Work Boots! Many people take for granted the feet protection because they tend to think: “Hmmm my feet are far from the welding arc so the percentage of the risks involved are lesser compared to my hands and face.” Althought this might be true, its not an enough reason to just disregard or neglect your feet protection. I consider my feet to be very important parts of my body so I will take good care of my feet. Without my feet, I won’t be able to go to places I’m supposed to be at, and that includes my work place.


Amazon is a great place to purchase top quality boots from different sellers or brands. Whatever product it is your are thinking of or looking for, you could probably find it easily at Amazon. You can easily browse products or find products by using the search bar. You can even zoom in on the images to get a detailed look of the product you are interested in buying, you can pay for it online, and you can have it delivered to your home or office. Personally, I like Amazon and I have great trust in the quality of their products so I definitely recommend purchasing from them.


Anyway, let’s get on to the whole point of this article and that is to give a product review for a Justin Western boot. Have you heard of the Justin brand before? They’ve been around for maybe about a few decades and they have captured the hearts of a lot of people. and these people have kept Justin growing and growing through each year. The company had simple beginnings to what it is now – a well known brand of protective dependable work boots.


Here is an image of the Stampede Western boot from Justin:



This product is currently included in the sale that’s happening at Amazon on work or welding boots. With this sale, you will be able to purchase the boot at a much lower price on the select options available to you.  The price for this boot starts at 91.95 US DOLLARS to 134.99 US DOLLARS! That’s pretty affordable for a tough welding boot! There are some boots that are sold at 300 US DOLLARS and more. With this one, you don’t get cheap quality but the price isn’t so bad either. Just right!


The boot is a hundred percent leather so you can count on it to look good and shiny. It comes with a synthetic sole that is perfectly capable of protection. The shaft of the boot measures approximately 10.5 inches from the arch, the heel measures approximately 1.5 inches from the arch, and meanwhile the platform measures approximately 0.75 inches from the arch, and I must also mention that the boot opening measures approximately 14 inches around. You better make sure that you get the right size!


And yes, the boot looks like a cowboy boot because, well, the boot is a “western” boot. It’s not the usually boot a welder would wear but personally, a cowboy boot with a long neck can offer a higher scope of protection for your feet and lower leg from stray sparks.


Remember that every Justin boot is a salute to the spirit of independence, hard work and authenticity of cowboys who have worn them since 1879, and now welders and workers have too. I’m sure that you will feel like you are wearing the most comfortable boots ever made.



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