Lincoln Auto Darkening Welding Helmets

A great brand that you should pass you by when looking for an automatic darkening welding helmet would be Lincoln Electric! They call themselves as the “Welding Experts”, because they are! This company has been around for more than a hundred and twenty years. Through the years, they have formed a strong tradition of innovative solutions, technological leadership, and a commitment to customers, employees, and shareholders. You will not be able to find this in any other company!

It is this company’s vision to make sure that they produce the highest quality welding equipment that can help users cut, weld, and join products. It has been their enduring passion for development and application that has allowed them to complete solutions that aim to make their customers more productive and successful.

Have said this, wouldn’t you feel more at peace with products from a company that looks out for it’s users?

If it’s a welding helmet you are looking for, you better check this one out!

  • LINCOLN K3282-1 VIKING AUTO DARKENING WELDING HELMET 1740 SERIESThe original price of this helmet was at 113.00 US DOLLARS, but you can now purchase this from Amazon at only 101.99 US DOLLARS, and you also get a free shipping with it! Sounds like a great deal!This helmet is very light weight so there’s no need to worry about any neck and shoulder pain if you have to work for extended hours. The battery is solar powered with a battery assist. Please note that there’s no on and off switch since this helmet is automatic. Once you put it on, it will start working. It has a continuous variable control at 9-13 internal shade and the sensitivity is adjustable for any type of working environment.Here is an image of the welding helmet:

    What do you think of it? That will surely protect your face from being burned. Well, here is what a certified customer thought of it after purchasing it:

    “This hood is fantastic. I bought this thing 7 months ago just as a temporary hood to get me through trade school til I could save up the money for a 3350, but I’ve yet to replace it. I’ve been using this hood almost every day since I bought it, and I’ve not been very gentle with it. It’s held up to hours on hours of grinding, cutting, air gouging, and welding. I drop it very frequently and, no damage to the shell. The clarity is super awesome, so long as your lens isn’t burnt to a crisp. It’s even got the same batteries in it that it came with. I’ve never been flashed with this hood. I’m very satisfied that I got this instead of a hardware store special. Highly recommend.” – Carrie

    The product has been given a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 stars.

What did you think of this product?

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