Miller Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Looking for some of the best Miller Auto Darkening Welding helmets? You have probably hear about Miller right? If you haven’t then let me tell you that Miller is a company that focuses on building things that matter.  Throughout the years, they have been leading the welding industry when it comes to building advanced, solution-focused products, and also in meeting the crucial needs for welding safety and health. They make sure that they design their products for their users who are in the manufacturing field, fabrication field, construction field, aviation fields, motor-sports field, education field, agriculture field, and even marine applications. You will find the headquarters of Miller at Appleton, Wisconsin. The company makes sure that it’s industry leadership is maintained and they are doing this by setting the standard for reliability, quality, and responsiveness.


The company began with an innovation that responded to customer needs. Below is a helmet that will hopefully meet your needs.

  • Miller 260938 Classic SeriesThis helmet was originally being sold for 208.98 US DOLLARS, but at Amazon, you can simply purchase it for 132.22 and it already comes with free shipping. You will be able to save 76.76 US DOLLARS. Here is a photo of the product:

    The lens shade of this helmet is at 4, 9 to 13. The plate height is 1-9/16″, and with a plate width of 3-3/4″. The viewing area of this helmet is at 5.8 square inches. The material from which this helmet has been made from is Nylon. I must mention that this helmet has a grind mode. It has three arc sensors, and you will find the ADF controls on the side. You see the knobs? The power source of this helmet is a lithium battery with a solar assist. It has the battery life of 2,000 hr.

    Here is a customer’s review about it:

    “I do love this hood for its convenience but there are some problems (minor in my mind) to consider, which is why I couldn’t give it 5 stars.
    First I’ll say this, I bought it specifically for the integrated face shield, I’m a fabrication student and I do some plate welding too so I do a ton of grinding and wire wheeling in between welds and you can’t beat this hood for convenience and price.
    Now when I read reviews the main complaint I read about was the weight, but the truth is that it’s actually the lightest auto dark hood I’ve owned (this is my 3rd) the problem is the center of gravity on it, all the weight is so far foreword it has a lot of leverage on your neck. But this wasn’t a big deal for me, by the end of the second day I was used to it and it doesn’t bother me at all now, but if u have a pencil neck it might be a problem for you.
    Second problem I read about was that the xmode didnt work for some people, I didn’t even realize it had xmode till after I ordered it. When I tried it, sure enough, it didn’t work I got flashed 3 times even after playing with the sensitivity settings, but I switched it to weld mode with the sensitivity at max and haven’t been flashed since. It’s irritating getting a brand new product that doesn’t work properly but I didn’t buy it for its xmode so I wasn’t too upset, but I am currently in contact with the seller getting this resolved and they are being helpful.
    Finally the headgear leaves something to be desired, I’m really not the type to sweat the small details and I do like simplicity but the headband is a little bare bones, specifically the back part where the tightening ratchet is has no cushion and the whole band puts pressure on my head which can get uncomfortable.” – Aeron

    The average rating of this helmet is currently at 4.2 stars out of 5 stars.

What did you think of that helmet?

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