Miller Auto Darkening Welding Helmets

If you are looking for auto darkening welding helmets, then a brand name that should always cross your mind would be Miller Electric Mfg. Co.! This company is all about building things that matter and are useful for everyday life! Being a leading company when it comes to the welding field. You can be sure that this company is all about products that focus on solutions and products that are sure to meet the crucial needs when it comes to welding safety and health. In designing their products, they seldom think of themselves but instead, they tend to turn their focus on their customers or users. They have made brilliant products when it comes to manufacturing, fabrication, construction, aviation, motorsports, education, agriculture, and even marine applications. This company understands and appreciates the people behind Miller because they know that it is the people who have made their company great.


Just to give you an example. Check out these helmets from Miller below!


  • Miller 251292 Classic Series 8-12 Variable Shade Auto Darkening Welding HelmetThis is one of the classic designs from Miller, and I’m sure that you will like this. You can purchase this for only 94.00 US DOLLARS from Amazon, and you get a free shipping! This welding helmet has a viewing area of 5.15 sq. in – 3.75 x 1.375 in (94 x 34 mm). It also features two variable shades which are #8 – 12 and a light state #3. The helmet comes with two arc sensors 1/10,000 sec lens speed.

    Here is a picture of the product:

    Here is an actual customer’s review of the product:

    “Love this helmet. the optics are a solid step above other low cost autodark helmets that i have used. the reaction time is also substantially faster than the harbor freight or other budget china helmet that i have used in the past. this is a solid dual sensor helmet priced barely above the low cost specials. if you’re a home occasional welder like myself this helmet would be an excellent cost to benefit ratio purchase.” – Kyle Vanderzanden

    Customers gave this product an average rating of  4.4 stars out of 5 stars.

  • Miller 260938 Class Series 8-12 Variable Shade ADF VSI Model Welding Helmet 

    You can purchase this welding helmet for only 132.22 US DOLLARS and it comes with a free shipping from Amazon. This automatic darkening helmet has a lens shade of 4, 9 to 13. It’s plate height is at 1-9/16″, while the plate width is at 3-3/4″. The viewing area of this helmet is at 5.8 sq in. This helmet has been made from nylon material which makes it light and sturdy. The power source of this helmet is both battery powered and with a solar assist. Here is an image of the welding helmet:
    And here is a customer’s review about it:

    “Besides having three lenses plus my glasses to clean, this hood is sweet. I have set up with a hard hat adapter so I can use it on any job. The grind shield feature make my life a lot easier and my eyes a lot safer. The package says its designed for light duty but it seems to be holding up just fine.”

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