My Urban Armor Gear iPhone 6/6S Plus Case Review

Today we are going to have a short review for the Urban Armor Gear iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Plus case! Have you heard of this case? If you are a fan of tough, bulky, and armor cases, then this might be the case that you are looking for. Hopefully, this review helps you decide if this is the case that you are going to purchase. A case is an easy way to protect your phone. It is an affordable way, if I might add. As a welder, you also need something tough to protect your phone since you work in a tough environment. I’m sure you welders bring your phone with you to work each day. The pros and cons are coming up in a minute along with the verdict!


Let’s get on with the review!

Urban Armor Gear Review

Name: Urban Armor Gear
Price: 29.51 USD
Owners: Urban Armor Gear

Overall Rank:  09 out of 10

URBAN ARMOR GEAR, Product Overview


If you are looking for a case to protect your phone through the good times and the bad times, you may want to take a look at this phone we are going to be reviewing today. The Urban Armor Gear is being sold for 39.95 US DOLLARS on other websites, but at Amazon, you can get it for only 29.51 US DOLLARS. This allows you to save 10.44 US DOLLARS. Also take note, that you can avail of a free shipping catered by Amazon if your total purchase totals to 49 US DOLLARS. The case is available in different colors like white, black, red, blue, and more. As for me I got the white case because it would match the front of my iPhone.

This case is currently in stock at Amazon so if you want to add it to your cart, you may do so. As I said, if you are looking for a case that is able to give you a durable protection against drops and bumps, you will wanna take a look at this case. So what’s good and bad about this case? Let’s proceed below.


The Good & the Bad

The Good:

There are three good things about this case that stand out and those are: (1) Although it is a tough bulky armor case, it is actually feather light. Yes, believe it or not. It doesn’t look like it, I know! It is very easy to grasp and isn’t heavy to carry around. And even if it is feather light, that doesn’t mean that the protection it offers is poor, it’s outside shell are hard (to protect the case) and also there is a soft impact resistant core to give an added protection for the phone whilst it is inside the case.

Next, the case comes with a soft raised rubber screen-lip that provides protection for the display screen of the phone. This way, you can lay it flat on a surface with no worries because the raised lip will lift the display screen up so that it won’t be scratched by anything.


When it comes to protection, this case also meets with military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6) which means that your case has an increased shock protection. The buttons are also ultra responsive that deliver a crisp, clean click-feel for an improved functionality. I actually drop my phone with this case on it a couple times just to test it out and it actually works! I have no idea why anyone would think there was something bad about this case, but apparently, there is.

The Bad:

Personally, I can’t see anything bad about this case, so I did a little research and based it on what a customer stated on his review. Smith86 said that he had dropped his phone:

“My phone dropped out of my side pocket of my shorts and landed where the charger port is directly on the corner of a cement ledge (I was sitting in a camping chair). It cracked my screen severely and UAG isn’t going to do anything about it …” 

“I’ve dropped my phone in this case getting out of my Jeep and nothing has happened but that part where the charger port is just needs to not be as flimsy.”

But he also stated that he had dropped his phone before from a jeep and nothing happened. He thinks that it cracked because he dropped it on the charger port area. Keep in mind the charger port is open on this case. So if you drop it on something sharp and hard it may cause damage upon that small area. But what are the chances of that happening? 1 in a million?

What do you think?

Who is Urban Armor Gear For?

I believe this case is perfect for people who want their phone to really last years. It is also advisable for people who have an active lifestyle, or those who travel, go on adventures, hiking, biking, rock climbing with their phones. I think the protection this case brings is unnecessary for those who just sit in an office or those who seldom use their phones. However, this doesn’t mean that I am discouraging you from purchasing this case. I mean, you’ll never know what could happen tomorrow and it is  ~always~ better to be prepared than regretful. Sometimes I can be at home and drop my phone on the hard tile inside my home. So this can be an advantage. Are you interested in purchasing this case?

Urban Armor Gear Price

As I said above, this case is being sold for 10.00 US DOLLARS more from other websites or retail stores, but at Amazon, you can get it for only 29.51 US DOLLARS. It’s not much of a discount, but it is still a big saving!

My Final Opinion of Urban Armor Gear

Personally, I liked this case. It is a great case when it comes to protection, and I am glad to know that even if it is tough and a little bulky, it isn’t heavy to carry around. It would be tiring carrying around a heavy case, right? If you want supreme protection for your phone, you better seriously consider this case as this can really help protect your phone from damage.

Urban Armor Gear at a Glance…

Owners: Urban Armor Gear
Price: 29.51 US DOLLARS
Overall Rank: 09 out of 10


Website: Urban Armor Gear


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6 thoughts on “My Urban Armor Gear iPhone 6/6S Plus Case Review

  1. Really great article that you have written!
    I’ve attempted a TON of cases on my telephones. In the wake of experiencing everything from scarcely there guards to ultra tough Otterboxes, I discovered my ideal case, the UAG. I kept it on my iPhone 4S for a considerable length of time. I had it in white and I adored it. So when I moved up to my fresh out of the box new iPhone 6S in a wonderful rose gold (pink) shading, I knew only the case I needed. The UAG case was ideal for my last telephone and gave it the assurance it required, without being excessively massive, so I needed it for the 6S as well. Be that as it may, I likewise preferred not to put a case at all on my rose gold telephone. I needed to see what I was paying such a great amount for! So I was excited to discover they offered the case in a reasonable alternative at this point.

    Yours truly,

    1. Thanks Carlton. Glad you discovered your idea case buddy. I prefer not to use any cases but when I dropped my phone I reconsidered lol. We all want to show off our new expensive phones but accidents happens all the time. I dropped my phone a lot so I know I need a case and it is just my luck I have this UAG case on my phone at this very moment lol. Be careful and be safe man.

  2. I think this would be perfect me. I most often use my iPhone 6 on job sites and most of the time i’m worried about my phone falling and getting crushed.

    You’re right about Amazon being the cheapest place to buy these covers. Like you have said i have seen these cases in fact $10-$20 more expensive in retail stores.

    1. I think it would too Vinnie! Tell me about it lol. I have mines with me at work at all times. The environment is not the safest to have a phone without a case.

      Totally! Amazon has it all and at great prices. Glad I could help you out man!

  3. Hi Kismet

    This is a great site to learn a little about welding, but I think you would need to be a welder already to find it really useful.

    Have you thought about adding a section for the home handyperson that wants to learn how to weld for themselves. Say some advice on what sort of welder to buy, the options of brazing with an oxy torch, vs arc welding with a stick welder vs MIG and TIG etc..

    I also found it a little confusing that the product reviews popped up in different parts of the site. even on your blog roll.. Have you thought about organising all of your product reviews into one area with categories? eg welders, PPE, other accessories..

    I did like the way you brought he phone case in as that is a little off topic but totally relevant to every welder / tradie!

    Anyway I hope the comments are useful and I wish you luck with your site.



    1. Hey Grant!

      Thanks for the heads up. I did think about organizing it. The thing about that is there are 100s of posts on here and it would take time for me to do it and plus I am managing more than one site too. I am thinking about organizing it soon because I do not want to have everyone confused.

      Thanks again Grant,

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