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Women Welding Boots

There are some women welding boots for you if you are looking for a good pair. Since men welding boots are not the idea boots for you. Since women are welding there should be a comfortable pair for her as well. Although women feet are smaller and not as rough as men feet are, women still find a way to get things done. So I will include some images of boots for you and you can click on the image of the boots to see more details.

women welding boots







A lot of women are looking for some style while still having that same protection as regular welding boots. You may also be looking for a pair of ankle boots and still had no luck finding them. All you probably want is that and if a pair of boots are comfortable that would be a plus!

women welding boots1






If they came with a zipper then that would be like a dream come true! Well there is a pair of boots that has all that and more. Introducing The Rampage Women’s Welding Ankle Boots! You can read some of the reviews for these boots if you would like. A lot of women really like them. Besides I really think that they are really cute! So if you like them you should get them.

review of boots
You can find them on Amazon
or just click the image below!



Well if you are looking for a pair of boots that are easy to just slip on. You can check out Giant Romeo Slip – On Boots. They are made of leather and they are suppose to fit your feet well. They are long lasting and provide good protection for your feet. Most of the time I get tired of sitting down or bending over and tying my boots. Not to mention that your strings in your boots burn. If you are a welder you would know exactly what I am talking about.

Somehow my zipper boots came up missing and I do not know where they are. That is kind of funny right now though because I have to deal with the boots with the strings. My next pair I hope to have a pair of zipper boots though. There is a review for the boots I am talking about below. So now you have a choice between two great work boots. What will your choice be? Feel free to look around welding steel tips and tricks website for more cool stuff! If you have any questions leave them below.

You can find them on Amazon
or just click on the image below!

A Work Home Internet Opportunity

There is a work home internet opportunity for all of you and everyone looking on the welding steel tips and tricks website will get to see it! I know I have shared a lot of interesting things on welding to a lot of people. I hoped that I gave you all some good tips! Now I want to give you all something else that would really help if you need some extra cash on the side. I know that even a person working a full time job still may need additional help.


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So I want to get straight to the point and let you all know that you could make $600 month after month with this opportunity. How if I added this, that you do not have to work hard at all. If you decide to work just a harder you could even make $5,000 month after month with just about not doing a thing.

Now that would be amazing right? Heck yes! It would really change some families lives! I want to help change your life if you are willing to let me. Since I have made this website, I have learned about Internet Marketing. I also have learned so much that I am sure this method would work with just about anybody even a complete newbie! So do not be scared because I am sure you can do it.

a top internet job


I have did a little testing and I am excited to say that you can go from zero to $14,000 in about three months if you do the requirements. Now if that has not blown your mind then what are you looking for? Do you really think that you can make that kind of money at your day job? Well if you were making $20 a hour, you would not even come close to $14,000 a month. You can do the math yourself.

So are you tired of living pay check to pay check? If you are then give Kendrick’s University a chance to make things happen for you! Making that kind of money you will be able to take longer vacations. Since my welding website, I have learned how to take those vacations!

A Welder Should Know About A Work Home Internet Opportunity
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You will be able to take care of more than just your family. Think of all the possibilities that are in store for you if would like to take me up on this and live the life that was always meant for you. I will help you get there. I offer one – on – support so if anything happens I will be there to make sure it is taken care of. So join me and lets start living!

How To Stay Focused On Welding

How Stay Focus On WeldingIf you desire to know how to stay focused on welding then my welding steel tips and tricks site can help you out tremulously!  We all have a problem when in terms on how to stay focused in the first place. Well I am going to let you know how you can in fact. Why? I know what I am talking about here. I been doing it for sometime and you could benefit from it.


You have to have an unwavering amount of confidence in yourself. That is a must and should be already in you. Why is it not working if you do? Well you may have too much going on and that can cause your focus to be off. You should start focus more on welding than anything if you really want to achieve this desire. I know it can be with the right amount of focus.


Sleep is another factor and can really help you be more energized to take on a whole day of welding if there are a lot of hours involved. This can really drained your energy so sleep is a must. It will give you even more focus if you combine it with your unwavering confidence to be one of the best welders out there!

How much sleep is needed depends on the person and their will. If your will is strong then you may not need eight hours of sleep. Other than that the maximum amount of sleep is 7-8 hours. Try your best to get that much or you will in fact find yourself unfocused on welding. Some people do not know the power of sleep and that can not be underestimated!


Another factor that can really help you is the way you eat. Believe it or not it is true. I know it is going to be very tempting not eat the things that you love to. It has to be done for you to get the best out of yourself. In other words you are going to have to eat healthy! All of this can help with other things as well.

Following what you just read, you will find your focus on welding increased within days. It may take more time, but it will happen. You will be happy that it did. I hope this helps you with you focus. Because I have great welding steel tips and tricks! If you have and comments or anything, you can leave them below.

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Inside Welding Tips For The Summer!

It is hot out there as of now and welders are looking for inside welding tips for the summer or even just some welding tips and tricks for the summer! Well it is a no brainer for you to know that you should always try to stay cool. It is not the best idea to wear long sleeves during the summer months. Why? I already tried doing that and no luck at all. It felt as if it was twice the temperature with the extra clothing.


I recommend that you drink plenty of water while the summer is here. I can not stress that enough. Inside the plant it be so hot! I know! It seems as if your energy is all gone towards the end of the day. It is getting hot already and you should take precaution right not.


Try to get all your welding done as early as possible. You would want to do this because during the day it is only going to get hotter and the last thing that you want to be doing is welding while the temperature is rising. If you have to do this then may sure you are not reaching over a weld that you recently made. That would cause you to be twice as hot and that is when the sweat starts rolling down your face.


Always keep water around! If you are feeling like you are getting to hot please go to a cool place and cool down. You could go to the break room if you can. Remember these are simple tips and tricks for welding steel!


If you found this helpful please share and tweet! Thanks!

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How to stop pinholes in mig welding!

I always wanted to know how to stop pinholes in mig welding and also learn welding tips and tricks for steel. Mainly because I mig weld more than anything. I once thought it was the fan, but then I realized that it was not only the fan. There are many things that can contribute to pinholes. The fan is only one of those things. I am going to give you one of my  free methods that I use later on in this post.


First of all pinholes are unacceptable in any weld. So if you have a pinhole in your weld, you have a defect in your weld. You should fix that right away. I for one usually grind my weld down level to the base metal. I then put another weld on top of it. If this does not work and you are still getting pinholes after you done that, you should remove the weld altogether. If you are still getting a pinhole, there is not much you can do about that. This is one way how to stop pinholes in mig welding.


welding pinholesThere is simply something in the metal that is causing those pinholes. Now when I weld, I do not get as many pinholes I used to get. I learned and I created methods on how to do things when welding. I am going to share one of them with you also. That is about all that I have for now on pinholes. Check out one of my free methods below.



Sometimes when I am welding when I see a pinhole forming while I am welding, I move the puddle back over that pinhole and when I am done there is no pinhole. This method should work because I know the tips and tricks on welding steel!

Simply use this below to cover pinholes!

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Welding Steel Toe Boots

Every occupation has its own merits and demerits with welding steel toe boots along with their tips and tricks for welding steel or whatever metal. When working in a hazardous environment, safety gear and other safety tools are a must. Welding is one such hazardous and strenuous work environment, where safety should be given utmost priority. Welding with steel toe boots is one such safety measure that should be given due consideration by those who work with welding machines. When I first wore steel toes like the one above, they were heavy. I did get used to them after awhile. They saved my toes more than once!


Steel toe boots offer protection from possible foot damage during work. The damage could be due to different reasons, including sharp objects that fall or lie scattered in the work area, rolling sharp raw materials from different tools, slippery surfaces, or possibility of electric shock, working with hot surfaces like welding or paving, etc.


Not just steel toe boots, any foot wear chosen for the purpose of protection at workplace should meet quality standards as set by the American Society for Testing and Materials Standard. It includes the performance, design and materials used for the manufacturing protective footwear. Besides meeting the requirements set for “Impact Resistant Footwear” “Compression Resistant Footwear”, additional protective measures like metatarsal protection, electric shock protection, conductive protection, protection against punctures and static dissipative protection are also adhered to.


Welding is an extremely dangerous work, calling for safety gears and other safety tools. At all times, safety equipment should be made available at work premises. The most important safety tools include welding helmet, welding gloves, clothes that protect arms and legs from burns with leather being the best, safety gear and steel toe boots.


When wearing steel toe boots, it gives adequate protection and ensures protection in the event a hot or heavy metal piece falls on one’s foot. Besides, it also ensures the foot is not burnt when accidently stepping on a hot metal piece that’s fallen off while welding.


Steel toe boots could be manufactured using leather or other synthetic materials, with a steel plate for the toe. Generally, all construction workers and those working in manufacturing units are asked to wear such footwear. However, welding is also considered among these jobs and thus, these durable and sturdy boots are recommended to ensure personal safety.


Choosing the right steel toe boots is the key. Leather is the best material, especially considering the possible hazards in welding workplace. Boots that incorporate tough and high quality leather is ideal. Besides, it should offer adequate protection and comfort for feet at all times. Every brand shoes will have variations, choosing the right one based on one’s comfort and preference is ideal.


With the right safety tools, any work environment should be fairly safe and manageable. Since steel toe boots is important for one’s protection, ensuring it’s not damaged is important. If at all the boots are damaged, or torn, replacing it at the earliest is ideal. Compromising on this is not the way to go. In fact, having a standby pair is better and can prevent possible injury, which will cost several hundreds to thousands and possible loss of pay during recovery! Be aware that I am only giving you tips and tricks to have the best steel toe welding boots so you should act accordingly to your job.


Welding Tips And Tricks

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Underwater Welding Tips

Underwater Welding Here a some underwater welding tips and tricks! Underwater welding is typically used for marine projects, though various other fields including mining oil could call for underwater welding. Being a risky job, welding tips and techniques can help those contemplating it as a career. With adequate knowledge, understanding and expertise, pursuing such a risky career can be rewarding.


Most pursuing underwater welding as a career, are lured by the possibility of earning six figures in income, while a few get interested due to the adventure and risks involved. It’s important to understand that not all earn six figures in income, nor is all green and blue like seen in movies or online! It’s a tough job and requires ultimate dedication, hard work and an ability to adjust to risks at all times.


Next comes certification, to ensure being equipped and prepared for the job at hand. Most underwater welders ignore the importance of education. Technical training is vital and the only way to learn survival during an emergency or crisis while working. Learning risk management techniques, handling a problem without getting panicked and other related aspects come with knowledge and experience. Besides, courses give ample underwater welding tips that can come in handy. However, these courses aren’t cheap and can often cost a fortune. However, it’s well worth the effort and every penny spent.


It’s important to understand what underwater welding is all about, risks involved and weigh is the career is suitable. Only when a person really loves the job taken, takes it seriously and puts in adequate efforts, can they succeed. To really make a difference in this career, it’s a lot more than dedication and knowledge alone. Only when one is convinced, should they pursue this as a career option. This is one of the best underwater welding tips one can ever get so far!


However, underwater welding can really be a satisfying career option, owing to the challenging work life, travel entailed as part of the job, risks and challenges met with every day and what not! What can be better than facing new challenges and getting creative every other day for the adventurous lot? During crisis, standard underwater welding tips don’t help often. It’s the ability to judge a problem, understanding the risks involved, ACTING without delay that counts! In spite of qualifications and having numerous underwater welding tips in one’s kitty, there are times when none work! Being calm and handling a situation is what succeeding in this career all about!

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Welding Steel Tips And Tricks For Sheet Metal

Here are some welding steel tips and tricks for sheet metal! When welding sheet metal it can be as hard as you make it to be. First and for most you should be used to welding by now. That is what makes it different between a newbie and a person who have been doing this for sometime. I can show a newbie how I do this, but it is up to them to put it into action.

If you are newbie sit back and chill! That is the best way to learn this welding thing. You have to be relaxed at all times. If you wish to know my secret, read on.

Of course it will be hard work, but it is hard work that pays off well! So with that being said, work hard at it and stay focus on the task of learning how to weld. This is a simply process I am giving out to you.

Although it is simple some make it hard. I have been there and I have done that. There maybe a lot of other pages that shows other methods of welding sheet metal, but they miss the obivious point.

My tips and tricks are more advanced than a lot of people and my methods are serious! No jokes! I have been doing this for a long time so I know what I am talking about.

My Secret Revealed!

My huge secret for welding sheet metal is not really a secret. It has been inside of you this whole time. It is focus! You maybe like WHAT! It is so true though!

Stay tuned! I will be giving out even more tips and tricks!

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Push vs Drag Technique

The push vs drag technique is the position that you hold the weld gun relative to the weld puddle. It is one of the many tips and tricks for welding steel.

Push Technique vs Dragging Technique

Push it to the limit!

This technique usually is the one that makes a good looking weld. I would recommend this technique to you if you are a mig welder. This is not what you should do, it is more of like a option. You could do either technique with mig. I usually tend to do both because I maybe welding steel with a gap that lets say maybe an eighth wide. Mainly the pushing technique works best for me, and I like doing it that way!

Dragging Technique vs Pushing Technique

When someone ever uses the dragging technique it means you would have a narrow bead, but it would have more buildup. Although it gives you deeper penetration, and that is good, it would not be the best looking bead around. I have made tons of weld beads doing the dragging technique. So it does not take a pro in doing this altough you could become with practice.

Push or drag?

This is a very good question and you should know which should be done on what. Most maybe asking what is the best to do? Well there are many things that should be considered like flux core. With flux core you should be dragging at all times. The reason is because flux includes slag. With mig it is more like a either or thing, so it really do not matter.

I hope this answer your all questions you may have about the push and drag technique on the welding steel tips and tricks website! Feel free to comment and share! Thanks!

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Tools Used In Welding

Here I will let you in on some tools used in welding on the welding steel tips and tricks website! So what tools do I need to start welding is a question some people really ask themselves then later on they are in search of an answer to it. There are many tools used in welding today. Many stubble this question of what I need for welding? They maybe totally new to welding. They may want to know how to weld for the most part. They may want to know the tools that are used in the process. Whatever it maybe I can definitely help you!

The first tool you may need as a welder is your welding hood of course. The hood provides a lot of benefits so do take it lightly. It can be used in all processes of welding. So take your time and choose a great looking welding hood. It maybe the best decision you make today.

The next tool you may definitely be needing is a tape measure. Do not go buy some duck tape. It will not hold together what you maybe welding. So you maybe thinking now that I would be, not using a tape measure. What would I need with a tape measure? Well as a welder you will be measuring a lot of things. How do you measure up to that? You will be required to know your measurements.

Another tool you may need is a square. No , I am talking about a square as in 90 degree angle, not a newport or square box. I am talking about a square in which you check to see if everythings squares up or straight 90 degrees. A square looks like a L-shaped ruler for those who do not know.

The last tool I am going to talk about in this article is a wire brush. That is right, a brush with wires. you may not want to brush your hair with this brush. This kind of brush cleans the weld. It is a very strong brush and it really works wonders on what it brush. I must warn you it is not for personal use!

These tools I just went over are needed in most of the welding processes. They are just a few and are not all of them. You may need more. It depends on what you are welding and what kind of welding you are doing. Remember to continue to check my articles out. I will be producing quality conteent. So be alert! I hope these welding steel tips and tricks helped!

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